Form One Student Climbs Up School’s Rooftop To Attempt Suicide After Getting Rejected

Yesterday (Mar 12), a Form One male student was seen walking on top of the roof of his school in an attempt of committing suicide at Banting, Selangor.

According to NST, the student was upset after getting rejected by his crush which led him to the dire decision of ending his life.

Fortunately, the student was rescued by the personnel from the Civil Defence Force (APM) and the Fire and Rescue Department. The Kuala Langat police chief Superintendent Azizan Tukiman said the police received an emergency call from the school.

“The police and the school’s liaison officer then rushed to the scene.

“After about half-an-hour of coaxing, the student managed to be rescued. He suffered minor injuries on his arms during the rescue operation and he has been sent to Banting Hospital for treatment,” he said in a statement today.

Two separate videos of the teen suicide attempt have gone viral on social media. In the first video, he could be seen walking on the school’s rooftop with many students gathering outside of their classes, watching the teen in awe.

Another video saw the rescuers saving the student by pinning him down.

Azizan said the student admitted to trying to commit suicide because he was frustrated with a girl.

“He said he had met the girl yesterday and expressed his love for her but she rejected him.

“Apparently, she has feelings for someone else, leaving the boy frustrated, which then led him to attempt suicide.

“He even wrote a suicide note,” Azizan revealed.

Netizens were glad the student was safe and were empathic towards his romantic turndown. They also praised the rescue team for managing to get the boy down in the nick of time.

One Facebook user said, ” Everyone goes through that stage no matter what age. Some are strong to move on, some just can’t handle it, that’s when family members come in with their love and support. No need (to make) police report.”

Another netizen commented, “It is certainly not (about) love but infatuation. Infatuation is a strong emotion and natural. Nothing wrong with that. C’mon, the boy needs counselling rather than prosecution.” 

“The boy needs counselling, patience and understanding. Pray, he’ll get better soon”, one wrote.

According to the student’s teacher, the heartbroken teen is a good student, quiet and has no discipline problem.

Meanwhile, Azizan said the school and the student’s parents have yet to lodge a police report on the incident.

You can watch the videos on the next page.

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