Former Malaysian Child Star Marries a 71yo Datuk, Photos Go Massively Viral on FB

Most 90s kids in Malaysia would know the Malaysian child-girl group, Four Golden Princess (四千金, Si Qian Jin), regardless if you could speak Mandarin or not as the group also sang famous English songs like Lemon Tree, Jambalaya, Mama Mia, Rhythm of the Rain, among others.

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The group also often donned in Malaysia’s traditional clothes, some times cross dressed as boys in their music videos.

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Before you take a trip down the memory lane and go listen to their nostalgic songs, know that one of the members, Samantha Ee Kai Chee, has just got married!

According to China Press, Samatha, 29, has married to a 71-year-old businessman that has a Datuk honourific.

Source: China Press

Surnamed “Dai”, the Datuk is the chairman of G.E Mining Sdn Bhd. It is reported that Samatha is pregnant and will deliver her baby this September.

They were married in W Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Hari Raya.

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Photos of the newlywed couple went viral on social media, prompting netizens to ask is the Datuk the father of Samatha or is he the husband.

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In one of the photos, which has a vintage washed, Samatha embraces the Datuk with her hand held up to his chin. Both of them have their eyes shut and are dressed in a wedding gown and tux that resemble the fashion from our parent’s generation.

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In another photo, Samatha is dressed in a Cheongsam as she stands beside the Datuk in business attire. The setting let out a Shanghai vibe in the 60s.

Many netizens have questioned the foundation of their marriage, asking if Samatha was marrying for his money while the Datuk is marrying for her beauty.

“What is the difference in their age?” one netizen asked. It is 42 years.

“When she was young, she was Four Golden Princess. Now, she has really become a rich, Golden Princess,” one netizen said in jest, while another retaliated, “Stop teasing them. Who knows it could be true love. It is none of your business.”

Their wedding photos were taken in Paris, France. Samatha also re-recorded one of Four Golden Princess songs and it was played along with their wedding video.

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Debuted in 1995 and disbanded in 2008, the group released over 30 albums and their fame even outreached to other countries like China and Taiwan.

In Samatha’s wedding, former bandmates, Ginger Keong Hueh Chin, Mins Eng Lee Min and Richell Lee Lian Hong, had all attended the ceremony.

The four shared a stage during the ceremony. Although they did not sing a song together, they shared their stories on stage, moving some guests to tears.

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Fans, too, were happy to see them reunited after 11 years.

“Too much memories!” one netizen exclaimed, while another added, “The sweet childhood nostalgia.”

You can listen to their songs on the next page.

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