French Bulldog Drowns in Pet Swimming Pool While Owner Films Her Pet’s Final Moment

Some people can be ignorant and careless sometimes until irreversible things happen. The case in point is this dog owner who just recorded her dog’s last breath without first knowing the physiology of her pet.

A black french bulldog was drowned in a pool at a pet shop when the owner was negligent towards her pet’s seemingly inability to swim.

Source: Daily Mail

The horrid incident took place in a pet store called PP Pet in the city of Guangzhou, China Wednesday (Apr 9).

According to Daily Mail, PP Pet offers swimming session for pets in a heated pool. Opened last December, the store charges each session at least 50 yuan (RM 30.71).

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

The staffs there will watch the animals while the pets enjoy their time in the pool, said a spokesperson from the shop.

A one minute and 50 seconds video captured the poor dog paddling with all its might to stay afloat in the pool while the owner was using her phone to record it.

The owner only realized what had happened after her dog stopped moving as it sank to the bottom of the pool.

The employee then used a stick to pull the lifeless bulldog up but it was all too late.

Since the aftermath of the tragedy, PP Pet’s owner has apologized to the dog’s owner.

PP Pet’s owner was interviewed on the matter and said, “If a dog knows how to swim, it swims but if it doesn’t know how to swim, it will struggle but it wouldn’t drown.

“But we are also unsure why the dog will drown”, he said in a video interview.

The drowned canine was immediately rushed to a nearby vet. Unfortunately, not even the vet could save the poor pooch and pronounced the dog’s death there.

The dog owner’s friend also posted some photos of the owner and her late pet dog. Picture of the dog’ funeral was also uploaded by the same friend.

RIP, little one 😭😭 Source: Daily Mail

Netizens all condemned the owner’s behaviour and the staff who was with her.

“Stupidity? No. Sadistic murder. These monsters are a danger to society,” one wrote.

Another netizen said, “This just made me cry. He suffered for so long there. They stood and done nothing. That literally has just messed me up”.

“There is a very special place in Hell for animal abusers,” one commented the video on Facebook.

You may watch the full video on the next page. 

Warning: This video may be shocking to some. 

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