From a Government That “Makan Duit” to “Makan Maggi”, Netizens Praise Economy Minister and Selangor MB

Remember the hoo-ha about former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak’s expensive quinoa diet back in February? He told a crowd during a 2018 Budget conference that he no longer consumed ordinary rice and opted for the healthier alternative quinoa, something which then-opposition pointed out that it’s 23 times more expensive than the rice we love. DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang said he had never heard about the Peru-hailed grains. The news eventually got international attention and many Malaysians were clearly not happy about it as media reports of that time showed that many rakyat were struggling to make ends meet.

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Which is why when Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali’s son tweeted a picture of his father eating instant noodle with him on Monday (Jul 24), netizens couldn’t help but applauded the humble leader.

Azmin’s son Basheer wrote, “After a long day of work, Dad finally spending some quality time with me eating Maggi! 😂 #supper @AzminAli”

One netizen found solace in the picture because it reflects what most Malaysians go through towards the end of the month when saving starts to runs low.

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The netizen was also referring to Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari as he replied to the Tweet thread with a picture of him eating a bowl of instant noodle. Yummy, Amirudin’s bowl had an added egg while Azmin’s didn’t have any toppings.

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Basheer replied to Amirudin and quipped that it must be a unanimous tradition among Selangor MB to eat “Maggi” after work. Azmin was succeeded by Amirudin on Jun 19 after the former departed the head of state position to helm a ministerial portfolio.

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Many netizens imparted some advice to the leaders, prompting them to add some broccoli or cabbage next time for a healthier meal. One netizen even advised them to substitute with angel hair spaghetti. Careful there. Later it invites an uncalled-for PR nightmare similar to Najib’s case 😂.

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Another netizen, however, was trying to pass on a terrible Maggi cooking tip.

“To get an explosive flavour for Maggi Curry, make sure it’s cooked with little water so that the broth is spicy and thick,” said the netizen in which was enthusiastically agreed by Basheer. Eh, sedap tapi tak sihat lah!

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Despite all the health implications, one netizen pointed out that, “eating Maggi is much better than eating the rakyat‘s money.” He was purportedly referring to the previous administration which was accused for corruptions such as the billion-dollar scandal surrounding state investment fund company 1MDB.

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