From Laksa Soy Milk to Crispy Microwave Fried Chicken, Here are 10 April Fool’s Jokes from Brands

April Fool’s Day is a day where everybody on the Internet gets a soft pass on being a troll. But where is the best place to look for trolls whose job is to fool as many people as they could on their corporation’s behalf? Yes, that is right. It is right here on Facebook and other social media where brands get to be creative to showcase a product that no consumers asked for.

For those who missed April Fool’s posts from these giant brands, FeedMe Malaysia have gathered 10 products that these companies have “created” to fool their consumers. Some are unique products that you wish they exist, while some… you are grateful that it was just a prank:

1. Nutrisoy — Laksa flavoured Soy Milk

Source: Today Online

Soy milk is supposed to stop the spicy sensation, not giving us! 

As one of the main ingredients in a bowl of laksa is coconut milk, F&N NutriSoy (Singapore) thought that it was a good idea to create a product of the spicy broth straight.

On its Facebook, the new product is said to be only available for a limited time:

“This sinful yet absolutely tasty combination not only packs a punch but provides you with 4x more calcium than your traditional 1 bowl of Laksa. Shiok La~,” the soymilk company wrote.

2. Spotify — Discocover Weekly playlist

Yes, it is not a typo. It is deliberately spelt “Discocover Weekly” instead of the usual “Discover Weekly” that appears on our Spotify app where it introduces users songs on the front page.

Unless you are keen on picking up disco music, or else you have been pranked. Spotify even tweeted out and asked everyone, “How’s your Discocover Weekly today?”.

3. KFC Singapore —2 Minute Original Recipe Chicken

KFC Singapore contrived an April Fool’s prank for their lazy bum customers out there by introducing a microwaveable fried chicken.

The packaging of the instant’s chicken contains the phrase, “Just Microwave, 100 % Instant”. They even joked that there will be a limited quantity in supermarkets.

Everybody knows nothing can come out crispy from a microwave. We are kind of disappointed that this is not real. Make it happen, KFC! 

4. McDonald’s India — Glowing Burger

Over in India, their McDonald’s goofed around by introducing a luminous burger, specifically catered for the nocturnals out there. The glowing burger has two neon green buns, yellow sauce, blue onions and a red velvet patty in between.

The caption wrote, “Hey night owls, eating in the dark won’t be a problem anymore! #ComingSoon #Maybe”. 

Are we living in a cartoon world? That looks like what a cartoon monster eats. 😂

5. Emirates — Flying Drone Airport Taxi

Did Emirates get inspired by Malaysia’s recent ambition to build a flying car?

Instead of actually working to build a futuristic levitating car, Emirates merely said it as a joke that they will have built a chauffer-less drone that can send people anywhere in city to Dubai International Airport. 

They even joked that the drone service will begin in April 2020.

“Each drone features two of Emirates’ game-changing fully-enclosed First Class private suites, offering signature luxury, privacy and comfort. #FlyEmiratesFlyBetter,” it wrote on its Facebook post.

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