Girls Put Fish on Collarbone Challenge and Other Silly Beauty Challenge from China

Dubbed as the “copycat” nation, China has always been deemed as unoriginal, evidently based on their tech, Made in China export, and their counterfeit goods.

Of course, that’s just an archaic conventional wisdom because when you look at their internet challenges, they definitely innovate better than the Western counterparts. Keke challenge? Tide pod challenge? Move aside Americans, at least China’s challenges are not suicidal. 

Many of China’s viral challenges revolve around the beauty of a woman whether if it’s flaunting their skinniness or voluptuous figure. This time, we are blessed with yet another eye-candy challenge and that is to see if the girls’ collarbone could hold enough water for tiny fishes to swim in it. Poor fishy! 

1. Collarbone Fish Pond


Source: YouTube

If one is skinny enough, the skin above her clavicle bone could form a bowl. The previous challenge had people to put coins on their collarbone but if you intend to step up the game, pour some water on your clavicle bowl to create a pond for fish to swim. Here are the video and photos of the challenge:


Source: FeedyTV

Other than the challenge that put fishies’ lives on risk, here are four other ridiculous beauty challenges hailing from China:

2. Underboob challenge

Source: Tuxboard

Sticking a pen under a woman’s breast was a viral challenge back in 2016. If a woman could hold a pen, eyeliner or even a facial cleanser bottle, literarily any phallic symbol, under their mammary, she passes the challenge.

Source: Mashable

Of course, men want to be involved too. So here comes the beasty chest challenge.

Source: Mashable

As for the body positive peeps, they don’t want to feel left out. So they improvised and surprised us! Honestly, we are not disappointed.

Source: Mashable

The cute girls use their dimples instead. The human body is truly fascinating.

Source: Mashable

3. A4 Paper Challenge

Put a piece of paper in front of your waist and take a picture. Do you still see your waist? If you don’t, congratulation. You are up to China’s beauty standard.

Source: Mashable

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