Grab driver goes beyond the call of duty to return lost bottle of oil

Would you go above and beyond like this Grab driver?

Seems not all heroes wear capes, as this Grab driver went far beyond the call of duty to return a bottle of cooking oil left behind in his vehicle.

The Grab driver in question, Raymond picked up a customer who had a lot of groceries, but the lady in question had accidentally left a bottle of cooking oil in his boot. The next day, Raymond made a return trip to the neighborhood the lady lived at to return the aforementioned bottle of oil, but initially couldn’t find her.

Upon reaching the neighborhood, Raymond first approached Hazrey, as he believed that the oil belonged to his mother, wherein he revealed that his mum had in fact, passed away a long time ago. Then Raymond asked if it was his wife’s and Hazrey denied that it if it belonged to his partner, he would have been driving.

“Bro, I think you were driving ghosts” Hazrey responded.

Perplexed, Raymond checked his Grab app to find that there wasn’t a house number, only the name of the street of the location in question. Raymond was adamant that the bottle belonged to Hazrey’s household, but things were getting nowhere.

Eventually, the pair managed to crack the case and found that one of the neighbors in Hazrey’s row was the actual owner of the bottle and managed to return it, even though it was valued at less than RM10.

What a hero!

Source: SAYS

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