Health of Fireman Hurt in Temple Scuffle Worsened, Netizens Praying For Him

A grim Sunday today (Dec 16) as news of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, the fireman who was allegedly attacked by rioters in Sri Maha Mariamman temple fracas on Nov 26, is currently in critical condition.

According to NST, the National Heart Institute (IJN) said in a statement today that Adib had shown a progressive deterioration of his lung function in the last 24 hours.

“After thorough assessments, the lungs showed signs of consolidation and hardening of his lung tissue, thus making gas exchange ineffective.

“This is the result of his severe initial lung injury. At the same time, his renal function also has not improved where he continues to require dialysis support,” said the hospital.

Source: The Star

Seeing Adib’s condition worsened, IJN decided to plug Adib back to Veno-Vevous ECMO (Veno-Venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) system again at 9pm yesterday to help him to breathe after a multi-discipline team discussion among the doctors.

Adib was initially admitted to Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) on the night of the incident but he was later transferred to IJN as the latter had an advanced machine that could pump more air into Adib’s body.

“This is a setback on his medical conditions. As such, Muhammad Adib is critically ill.

“In view of Muhammad Adib’s condition, visitations are limited. We urge all Malaysians to continue praying for his recovery,” the statement continued.

Source: The Star

FMT reported that Adib was unhooked from the life-support for his heart as it has started to function on its own. However, he was still attached to other machines that allow his other internal organs to heal.

The doctors described Adib’s condition then as critical but in stable condition. Last Tuesday, he no longer needed VV-ECMO machine.

Adib is a 24-year-old fireman who was allegedly dragged out of an emergency vehicle during the scuffle near the USJ25 temple. However, the temple committee later stood up and said the fireman was actually hit by the reversing fire engine.

Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Director-General Datuk Mohamad Hamdan Wahid refuted the claim later, saying that it was another fireman, Mohd Hazim Mohd Rahimi, that appeared behind the fire engine as seen in a video.

The temple fraction leader apologized for the claim after being corrected, Malay Mail reported.

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