Here are the most expensive comics ever sold

marvel comics

Ever wondered if that old comic book you kept had any value? Well check out how much these old comics cost

It’s amazing how such small things can have such big prices. Comic book fans from around the world can tell you how valuable issues can really be, but they still might be surprised at how expensive these are. The most expensive comic in the world is currently worth over $5 million, but you probably won’t be surprised when you find out what it is. Can you guess it?

Marvel Comics Issue 1

Marvel issue 1

The first ever Marvel Comic issue had Carl Burgo’s android superhero Human Torch on the cover. This is an old one, as it was published all the way back in October of 1939. The issue itself can sell for over US$1 million today, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Archie Comics (Pep Comics Issue 22)

pep comics 22

The crew of Archie Andrews, Jughead, and Betty made their first appearance in Pep Comics issue 22. Right now the comic would be worth around US$1.42 million. Archie and his crew have been published as comics since 1939 and they still have new issues to this day.

Batman (Detective Comics Issue 27)

Detective comics 27

Detective Comics No. 27 was published all the way back in 1939. It was the first comic to ever feature Batman and now it’s worth US$3.08 million. Batman might be second to only Superman when it comes to popular superheroes, and all the recent films surrounding the winged vigilante are definitely helping the cause.

Superman (Action Comics Issue 1)


Of course the most expensive is going to be Superman, right? The classic and most known superhero has always had some of the most expensive comics, and this one is no joke. The 1938 issue of Superman was the first comic book to feature any type of superhero. Today the comic is worth a jaw-dropping US$5.55 million.

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