Here’s what new and improved from Apple’s new iOS 11.3

Apple has just released iOS 11.3. Here’s some of what you can expect with this new update for the Apple mobile devices

Apple’s just pushed out a big update for iOS as well as updates for Apple TV and watchOS.

iOS 11.3 is a big one for Apple though and here’s a list why:

1. You can keep an eye on your battery

Apple ios 11.3 Battery settings

After last year’s battery slowdown kerfuffle, you can now keep an eye on your battery’s condition and decide for yourself if you’d throttle performance to eke out more battery life. Just head to Settings>Battery and you’ll see just how your battery is doing and if you need to get it replaced.

The ‘Battery Health’ setting will let you see your iPhone’s maximum capacity and a new interesting feature labelled ‘Peak Performance Capability’. This is basically the power management feature that gets activated if your battery deteriorates to a point where battery life is affected. You can choose to disable it if you like.

2. New Animojis

iOS new animoji

If you’re already bored of your current Animoji stable on your iPhone X there are more now to annoy family and friends with. You now get a lion, dragon, bear and a skeleton. Do they work any differently from your standard Animoji? Not really but hey, now you have a great new Animoji for Halloween

3. More information about privacy

iOS 11.3 privacy notice

Apple is now positioning itself as the ‘good guy’ where privacy concerns are, making more of an effort to explain just why or how your data is utilised. In the update, Apple makes sure to let you know that “every Apple product is designed to minimise the collection and use of your data”. A new privacy icon will appear letting you know just when Apple is taking your data and explaining just why it’s doing so.

4. Video playlists for Apple Music

If you’re on Apple Music, Apple’s made it easier to look for videos and you now get to make music video playlists from within the app.

5. A smoother experience

Various users have said the iOS experience is better with the new update but your mileage might vary so be sure to backup your device to iCloud or your computer via iTunes.

The update is already available so just hit Settings>Software Update once you’ve backed up.

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