Hiker Found After Missing 7 Days Said to Follow “Pretty Princess”, Family Refuted Claim

There are a lot of folklore and superstitions pertaining to the wild forest. If you have ever been to a jungle trekking with the locals at night, you would have been told stories as well as the dos and don’ts about the dark woods. If you were hoping the stories to be true in the missing hiker who was found on Sunday (Sept 23), we are sorry to disappoint.

Source: The Star

According to Utusan Online, 22-year-old hiker Stanley Kho was found six days after he went missing in Mount Singai in Bau, Kuching. The Malay daily claimed that Kho met a “beautiful girl” who gave him flowers plucked from the forest and brought him to an unknown place.

“I followed her walking and it was as if I had been somewhere else,” he told reporters after being found safe by the search and rescue team.

It’s reported that Kho could hear the rescuers calling for him but he couldn’t respond as his mouth was sealed.

However, NST quoting the rescued hiker’s family member found that the claim was false. The kin refuted the claim which was circulating on social media, that Kho was saved by the “princess” after he sustained injuries when hiking.

“He never gave such statement or said anything about meeting a woman. I’m not sure how they (news portal and newspapers) came out with the story. But, it’s untrue,” said a family member.

Kho was found in a weak state at 8.40am on Sunday after the rescue team scoured the mountain for a week.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department assistant operations director Tiong Ling Hii said villagers heard cries for help and alerted the teams.

The search and rescue operation used aerial drones to aid ground teams which constituted up to 300 people, The Star reported.

Following the rescue, the family thanked the volunteers, especially the villagers, for aiding the search. The family would hold an appreciation dinner at Kampung Singai on Wednesday for those who had helped in the search.

We are glad that Kho is safe now. Whether or not there was a “princess” or not, how Kho survived is already a great story. Let’s not spread rumours anymore. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below. 


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