IKEA is Selling ‘Children’s Meat’ According to This BM Poster and Netizens Are Losing It

Of all the puns we can create out of the furniture’s Swedish names in IKEA, the giant furniture retailer is in for a pickle after netizens found that they are serving meatballs “made” from children’s meat.

In a viral photo shared by Facebook user Mak Khuin Weng, Weng said he is afraid of having meatballs in IKEA’s restaurant now after seeing a poster that implies that the meatballs there are made from the flesh of little children.

The poster wrote ‘Bebola daging kanak-kanak’ in Bahasa Malaysia and many netizens stressed the importance of the word ‘untuk’ (for) in the poster’s copy.

“Just need to add the word ‘untuk‘ into the sentence. ‘Meatball for kids’, ‘set bebola daging untuk kanak-kanak‘,” one netizen commented.

Another said, “Should have added the word ‘untuk’ or ‘size’. The sentence gave me chill.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Mashed

One netizen accused that the IKEA team definitely used Google Translate when working out the poster’s copy.

Many netizens also made reference to cannibal characters in movies such as the famous Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and American TV series Hannibal (2013).

Source: Facebook

Something dawned on a Facebook user as he explained in jest the reason behind IKEA’s maze-like layout.

“Now I see why they put a labyrinth of a layout in all their stores, so kids could get lost and they would have a steady supply of meatballs. Hmmm…,” the netizen commented.

Source: Kim Komando

Weng also added that diners get to change the meat to chicken with just a RM1 upgrade and it will come with milk, to which another netizen joked that children’s meat is cheaper than chicken.

Source: Lipstiq

The photo is reaching a thousand shares at the time of writing. You can join the fun and read the full comments on the post on the next page.

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