Ill-Fated Tree Fell on Road, Killing Perodua Viva Passenger in an Instant in Pahang

A freak accident happened yesterday (Jul 8) involving a falling tree and a Perodua Viva on Jalan Kampung Lata Kasah in Jerantut, Pahang.

According to Berita Harian, the tree fell as the hatchback car drove past under at about 8.50pm, killing the passenger.

Source: Malay Mail

The deceased was 27-year-old Farah Liana Safri while the driver is the deceased’s sister.

Farah died on the spot of the accident while her sister survived with some injuries.

District Police Superintendent Mazlan Hassan revealed that the siblings were travelling to Jerantut town after Maghrib prayers.

Source: NST

“Upon arriving in front of the mosque, suddenly a tree collapsed and crashed the vehicle.

“The victim died at the scene and a post-mortem at the Hospital Forensic Unit of Jerantut found the cause of death was due to injuries on the head,” Mazlan said in a statement today (Jul 9).

Both the driver and the passenger were trapped in the car. It took six firefighters to extricated the victims out of the vehicle.

Photos showed that the roof the Perodua Viva was completely flattened by the tree. The Viva sustained the most damage in the front of the vehicle where the sisters were sitting.

What an ill-fated fall of a tree. We wish the victim’s family strength to pull through this grieving period.

What are your thoughts on this freaky incident? Let us know in the comments below.

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