Indonesian Police Burn Mountains of Marijuana But Netizens Welcome This “Haze”

Marijuana has been making international headlines these days after Thailand has legalized its use in medicine on Christmas. Meanwhile, in our neighbour Indonesia where it practices a no-tolerance over the possession of the drug, they had burned a mountain load of contraband marijuana.

According to Singapore-based media CNA, Indonesia police put a colossal load of cannabis on a blaze in the Muslim-majority nation’s Aceh province yesterday (Dec 27).

Source: NST

A total of 800kg worth of ganja (cannabis) went up in smoke as it burned along with the package in a wooden setup. Based on the pictures from AFP via NST, some members of the media were covered in face masks during the burning.

The authority personnel tasked to burn the marijuana were also wearing masks as well as gloves as they used wooden sticks with a burning end to set the hefty pile ablaze. The burning ceremony also destroyed some 19 kilogrammes of methamphetamine that were seized in raids this year.

Five drug suspects in bright-orange prison cloth were ordered to parade around the fire.

Aceh province authorities destroying cannabis plants in Indrapuri back inApr 26, 2018. Source: CNA

Aceh is said to be a deeply conservative region at the tip of Sumatra island. Authorities there publicly whip criminals for offences like gambling, drinking alcohol, and having gay sex or relations outside of marriage. And just this month, five foreigners were arrested in Bali for drug trafficking, with a German and Peruvian possibly facing death sentences if convicted. The country is known to have some of the world’s strictest drug laws.

After CNA published the story, some Singaporean netizens could not help themselves but find the way the Indonesian police handled the matter hilarious.

“If this haze coming to Singapore, nobody will complain about that !! 🥴🥴🥴😋😘❤️✌🏽” one top comment wrote.

“Is this haze coming to Singapore?” asked another Singaporean tentatively.

“With this amount, the whole country can be hype af.”

“Great way to celebrate New year in an all-new height 😂”

“For once there will be Singaporeans welcoming this kinda haze.”

The story was shared over 1,700 times at the time of writing and garnered 320 comments, mostly written in jest.

Apparently, this is not the first time Indonesia had done such a public stunt. Geddit? Stunt from all the fume…?

Source: Daily Mail

In March 2015, Daily Mail reported the residents of Tangerang, 25km west of the capital Jakarta, had gone “high” from the fume after the local police burned more than three tons of confiscated cannabis. That is almost four times the amount of 800kg in this recent case!! 

Among the big ablaze stash was also 1.8 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 2,538 ecstasy pills. It is reported that the total amount of the seized drugs worth US$1 million.

Source: Daily Mail

The residents were reportedly experiencing headaches and dizziness after inhaling the pungent smoke coming from the bonfire.

The police on duty were wearing masks but onlooking civilians were left unprotected. One nearby resident named Deden said: “I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask.”

Another journalist at the site said he had to ‘sit down and have a cup of tea’ to deal with the high.

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