Infamous ‘Datuk Sri’ is Back, Allegedly Connected in Bar Attack with 60 Gangsters Because of a Girl

Remember the ‘Datuk Sri’ that assaulted three Rela officers at an Ampang temple in October 2017? He was later identified as Datuk Seri Liow Soon Hee, and was arrested and charged in court. He tried to snuff out the controversy by bribing his victims RM40,000 and he was tested positive for drugs when he was remanded.

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By the end of the year, he donated RM220,000 to five entities, including struggling students and community police, something which netizens deemed as a bid to salvage his reputation.

More than a year has passed and now, Liow is back in the limelight again as he is wanted by the police.

According to The Star, Liow is believed to have connections to the mastermind behind the attack on an entertainment outlet in Jalan Klang Lama last Friday (May 3).

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It is learned that over 60 gang members from Group 21 rampaged the outlet and caused damage that worth over RM200,000, The Sun reported.

City police chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said the police believe that the attack was motivated by jealousy over a girl, citing a prior fight in a Cheras club could also be connected to the attack in this Scott Garden entertainment outlet.

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“It is believed that jealousy was the cause which led to a show of strength.

“We view this matter very seriously. As of now, 14 suspects have been arrested.

“They are believed to be have been from Group 21 from Ampang.

“We are also currently looking for four men to assist in our investigations. We urge them to surrender to the police or else we will trace them down,” Mazlan said at the contingent police headquarters yesterday (May 9).

Source: China Press

China Press reported that the 14 arrested suspect aged between 24 and 47. The police also revealed the four wanted men in the case − which Liew is among them.

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“We need him to assist us because there might be some connection to the mastermind (of the attack),” Mazlan told reporters, adding that they are also investigating the possibility of a shareholder or partner to the outlet’s owner being involved in gang activities.

Source: China Press

The incident is said to have happened at about 9.20pm on May 3 where over 60 gang members, mostly clad in black, carrying wooden sticks and iron bars, turned the place upside down. Furniture and equipment were smashed into pieces.

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A viral video showing a group of people dashing outside of Scott Garden went viral on Facebook. The 1 minute 17 seconds video showed the group, some with weapons in their hand, was running as if to flee the scene.

China Press previously reported that Liew is allegedly a member of a triad in Taiwan, called Nei Ba Tang.

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The Sun also reported that Liew was connected to the infamous Chinese businessman Zhang Jian, a self-proclaimed “future richest man in the world”, who used get-rich-quick schemes to scam millions from people in several Asian countries.

Source: funstory

Photos have also suggested that Liew had connections with the former Cabinet ministers and even a former police top brass.

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