Internet Cafe Accidentally Deletes 12yo Boy Game, Gets Syed Saddiq and Global Media Attention!

We are talking about BBCDaily Mail, and South China Morning Post (SCMP)… all because a staff in an Internet cafe in Malaysia deleted a 12-year-old boy’s game he spent a year coding.

Muhammad Thaqif is the young coder who went viral last month and who even gotten Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman’s attention.

The furore started in September where Thaqif took to Facebook gaming group to ask avid gamers’ opinion if it was right for him to sell his game at RM1. He explained that the game is a First Person Shooting (FPS) game appropriate for children to gun down zombies and spiders.

Source: SCMP

He intended to sell the game in order to help his impoverished mother.

Later in October, he posted again saying that the game had been deleted. A staff of the Internet cafe removed the young coder’s file thinking it was a virus.

‘I’ve spent close to a year on this game,’ he said on Facebook, “It’s 75% finished.”

Since then, Thaqif’s journey had blown up and gotten many Malaysians’ sympathy.

Fortunately, the staff was able to retrieve the programme. He later asked netizens to suggest any laptops that cost less than RM350 so that he could finish building the game from home.

According to Daily Mail, Thaqif’s plead had gotten netizens rallied to his cause. Many praised Thaqif’s resilience and supported him.

He later announced that he had received a computer as gift from “Ustaz from Kuala Krau”. He said although the desktop’s specs couldn’t support his programme, he would still try his best to complete the game.

When Syed Saddiq learned about Thaqif’s journey, the Youth Minister took to Twitter to praise the young coder.

“Brilliant! We should have more youngsters like him. Please arrange a meeting with this hero @Amshar_Aziz,” the minister tweeted.

Source: Facebook

The two met Wednesday (Oct 31) in Kuala Lumpur and they were joined by the CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Thaqif stated on Facebook.

Donned in a “Level Up” graphic T-shirt in the photos, the boy had indeed come to a new height and gotten the whole world watching!

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