Internet Explains Meaning Behind Each Heart Emoji So You Know If You Have Been Friendzoned

Anything about love does not come easy whether if it is finding one, giving one or receiving one. Besides, there are many kinds of love out there, be it a romantic one, motherly love, the love you have for your friend or the “I love you but let’s just be friends” love.

While many of you are abusing the use of the red heart ❤️as a blanket emoji to express love on almost everything, a portion of the people on the Internet adhere to an unspoken rule behind the use of each heart emoji of different colours.

Therefore, to save you from sending out the wrong type of love or to teach you how to deliberately send out mix signals, here is the meaning behind 16 heart emojis of different colours and shapes according to this viral post which was shared globally over 112,000 times on Facebook.

Harness this knowledge and use it wisely:

1. Red heart

The classic symbol and colour of love. This expresses passion and romance. But in a non-romantic context, this can also mean a strong friendship and bond.

2. Orange Heart

This colour heart emoji may represent a half-hearted love. It could also be you don’t want to have a relationship but just being good friends −aka the Friendzone Heart Emoji.

3. Yellow Heart

The golden heart. This heart represents cordial love and purity. This expresses happiness, friendship and life joy.

4. Green Heart

The heart that expresses a healthy and good diet lifestyle. It is a symbol that one is close to mother nature too. Beware if anyone sends you this green heart as it is an indication of jealousy. It also a sign of relationship issue or hoping to reconcile. This green heart often used in St Patrick’s Day.

5. Blue Heart

I have confidence in you. The blue heart symbolises platonic love, loyalty and friendship. This is also spreading autism awareness and the love of water. A darker side of this heart, it also means expressing a fetish.

6. Purple Heart

Understanding and compassionate love. It shows affection and care, this purple heart uses in Mother’s Day and pass between parents and children. Celebrities and fashion freaks use this to express their glam and wealth. In the USA, it is a military medal for wounded soldiers.

7. Black Heart

The heart that reveals a dark and twisted sense of humour. It tells the dark side of one’s soul. A heart that shows grief and sorrow.

8. Broken Heart

Unhappy, sad and is suffering. Probably lovesick.

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