You could be jailed for 10 years if you vape in Thailand


Travelling to Thailand? If you vape, you might want to leave your device home just in case

We all know cigarettes are bad for us and for many chronic smokers who sort of want to kick the habit, vaporisers or more commonly known as vapes, have been a somewhat healthier alternative. The problem, however, is that not all countries think so. Malaysians are lucky enough that it’s legal here (except in Johor) but for other neighbouring countries like Singapore and Thailand, the governments don’t look too kindly towards the devices.

So if you’re a vaper and you’re planning on travelling to those two countries, especially the latter, you might want to read on.

That’s especially in the case of the Land of Smiles, Thailand, where the government has especially tough laws on anyone caught vaping or having a vape device. How tough? Offenders are subject to fines of up to 10 years in prison if caught. Now if you think this is some brand new law, think again. It’s actually been effect since 2014. The Thailand government then approved a law that banned the imports of electronic cigarettes (which vapes fall under) and baraku (also known as shisha), saying that they are prohibited items.

Of course, having a law enacted and whether it’s enforced is another matter. It is true that despite the ban, you’ll still see people vaping in Thailand. However, while it may be true that many might get away with it, other’s aren’t so lucky. This is especially so if you’re an unlucky tourist.

One particular UK tourist came afoul of the law. According to, a UK-based travel agent’s nephew ran afoul of the Thai police when he was caught with a vape. He was lucky enough to walk away with only £125 (around RM692) fine but he was also threatened with jail time.

So if you’re vaper and are considering heading up to Thailand anytime soon, you might want to think twice of sneaking in that vape of yours. You might get lucky and not get caught but then again, why bother risking jail time?


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