Jamal Out on Bail After Paying RM20,000

When luck wasn’t on Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos’ side as the Magistrate’s Court revoked his bail orders on Monday (Jul 30), he found his way out the next day as the High Court had ruled in favour of him and allowed him to be released on RM20,000 bail, The Star reported.

Source: KiniTV

After spending 27 days in Sungai Buloh prison, the controversial Red Shirt leader was able to taste freedom again with the help of Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (photo), a senior lawyer who also represented former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak in four charges of abuse of power and criminal breach of trust in relation to SRC International Sdn Bhd early last month.

When quizzed by reporters on why he would help Jamal, Shafee said it’s because Jamal was an “underdog,” KiniTVrecorded Shafee saying outside of Ampang Magistrate’s Court yesterday (Jul 31).

“I want to help Jamal because he is an underdog.

“As an underdog, he was bullied by the unjust (legislation) system despite the case being a very straightforward one,” Shafee said.

He explained that Jamal could be charged but the offences the latter faced were “bailable offences.”

“If it’s bailable, it’s as of (Jamal’s) rights, even the Magistrate or the Judge cannot deny his rights,” he added.

Source: The Star

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief was freed with RM20,000 bail paid by three bailors. High Court Justice Yazid Mustafa reviewed the decision made by the magistrate’s court and agreed with Shafee that the court didn’t have the jurisdiction to cancel the earlier bail on the two trespassing charges.

The previous rule concluded that granting Jamal bail would risk the offender to flee again. His then defence counsel Khairul Anuar Kashim requested a RM3,000 bail.

Currently, the two trespassing offences were charged under Section 448 of the Penal Code along with Section 34 of the same code which carries a maximum jail sentence of three years, a fine of up to RM5,000 or both, upon conviction. According to Malaysiakini, Jamal trespassed two properties at Jalan Kosas, Taman Kosas on December 29, 2016. High Court granted RM5,000 bail on each charge paid by two different bailors.

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