Japanese Supermarket Posts 5yo’s Freakish Drawing with Eerie Massage on Father’s Day Greeting Card

All children are vulnerable. A little tip to the wrong side, they could grow up filled with traumas or problematic psychological complexes.

Last week (Jun 13), photos posted by Japanese Twitter user @xRUI39 went massively viral on social media. The two photos showed a bloodied head, sketched with colour pencils, on a paper titled “June 16 is Father’s Day. Dear Father, thank you always.”

Rui said that she saw the greeting card posted on a department store and could not get the freakish drawing out of her head since.

In the message box of the greeting card, the handwriting which resembled of a child wrote: “Dear Father, thank you for your hard work. Mother, please come hurry.”

Rui explained in the thread that the supermarket staff removed the greeting card after receiving many complaints and concerns from the public via phone call.

“The staff confirmed that the paper was indeed brought by a child. It is still unknown if the child who drew this or if it was an adult.

“The staff confirmed from CCTV that there is no evidence that someone overwrote the message in the supermarket,” Rui updated on the post which has been retweeted over 60,000 times and attained over 160,000 Likes.

She also said the supermarket has contacted the city hall to instigate an investigation on the circumstances of this child.

A Japanese netizen pointed out that the drawing also featured a stick figure hanged to death with a fallen chair below it.

This eerie sketch was reuploaded on Facebook and it garnered over 8,000 shares.

“I see this more as sad than scary,” wrote a netizen, while another added, “This child needs help. This drawing is quite alarming. He’s asking his mom to come hurry, it seems like he’s asking to be saved from something at home. Perhaps, someone’s abusing him at home. I hope he gets the help he needs from a professional such as a child psychologist.”

Source: Facebook

In the Central African Republic, UNICEF once ran an activity to encourage children who have witnessed horrific events to sketch out their trauma.

Source: UNICEF

Some of the drawings saw: a pregnant woman with a gun held to her temple; a house set on fire with a toddler inside; a man with a machete standing over a body lying in a pool of blood.

The drawing is deemed as some sort of therapy for the children who were affected by the crisis in the country started in December 2012.

“Many displaced children have witnessed violent incidents, and it’s still in their heads. If not addressed immediately, the long-term impact of their exposure to distressing events can be huge,” says Jean Lokenga, UNICEF’s Chief of Protection in the Central African Republic.

Source: UNICEF

Psychology Today reported that when a traumatized child draws, he or she actively engages in the process of repair and recovery. It is a process that provides the possibility to move from a passive to an active role in the treatment process.

Whenever children draw out their trauma, it invokes implicit memory and allows others to witness to their trauma experiences too.

We hope this 5-year-old Japanese child can get all the help to recover from his psychological pain. 

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