jHO jHO jHO, Merry Christmas! This Store in Bangsar Sells 10 Jho Low-Inspired X’Mas Gifts

Who is better to be the jholly Santa other than 1MDB central figure Low Taek Jho that is one, a fugitive that cannot be seen by others; two, rich and unknown of how his wealth and establishment came to be; and three, chubby; and four, able to travel from countries to countries without anyone noticing?

From the retail that brought to you products plastered with local slang and puns, Apom located in Bangsar Village 1 introduces a range of Jho Low-inspired products this Christmas and the products.

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Calling it “the season of giving… back”, Apom 10 products that draw inspiration from 1MDB scandal where Low is alleged for siphoning billions of dollars from Malaysia and the case is under investigation from six countries and more.

When talking to The Star, founder of Apom Kelvin Long said he wanted his Christmas products to engage with the customers by making them laugh.

“Instead of having a typical Christmas campaign, we wanted to do something that really resonated with the Malaysian people.

“People have come to the shop and they laughed. And I think that is the whole point of why we created this. We want people to be engaged with the product and really laugh at humourous stuff that we have created,” said Long.

So here are some of the products:

1. “Spend It Like You Stole It” T-Shirt

Source: Apom

We are guessing this statement is an inspiration drawing from the book Billion Dollar Whale, written by two Wall Street Journal reporters. In it, Jordan Belfort was quoted as saying that no one would spend their money like that on a lavish party filled with A-list stars – even before the movie has gone into production.

“‘This is a f–king scam — anybody who does this has stolen money,’ Belfort told his girlfriend, as the music thumped. ‘You wouldn’t spend money you worked for like that.’”

Belfort is the real-life figure behind the Oscar-nominated film, Wolf of Wall Street, which was produced by Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz with the help of Low. You can read more about it here.

 2. “Lari, Party, Jholly, Repeat” T-Shirt

Source: Apom

From the famous 2012 hit “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”, Low’s flamboyant lifestyle definitely tops the song by Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr. A quick search on Google Image, Low is always beaming with a bright smile in the pictures. No wonder he is, undeniably, our jholly Santa.

We absolutely love that Jho Low caricature donned with a Santa cap, too! Both t-shirts are selling at RM50.

3. “Wishing you a billion dollar Christmas” Greeting Card

Source: Apom

Injecting some Cina-ness into Christmas, it’s time for us to wish our fellow friends and family with prosperity especially in the time filled with economic uncertainties.

4. “Jho! Jho! Jho! Merry Christmas!” Greeting Card

Source: Apom

We absolutely love this! The triple “Jho” shaped into a Christmas tree with Low’s head caricature shining on top, what else can we ask for?

“Tis the season of giving… back” is written inside of the card. Both cards are selling at RM8 each.

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