Johor Sultan Plans to Build a Supermarket That Sells 10% Cheaper Groceries To Johoreans

The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, has plans to start strategic cooperation with a supermarket company in the southern state.

In the latest post on his official Facebook page, Sultan Ibrahim said the supermarket will sell essential good at much lower prices, NST reported.

“This supermarket has given its assurance that it can sell items at 10 per cent lower (than other supermarkets) and at the same time, maintain its quality.

“This will enable the people, especially the lower-income group, to obtain basic and daily essentials at affordable prices,” he said.

He will make a further announcement on the matter soon. According to his Facebook post, Sultan Ibrahim is currently in the Middle East on a personal trip.

In the same light of lowering the cost of living, Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail, or more fondly known as TMJ, once spent RM1 million to buy groceries for Johoreans in April last year.

Source: Coconuts

Shoppers came storming into Aeon Tebrau City and made a mess in the hypermarket. The workers had to work overtime as customers kept coming in.

Shoppers were elated as some took as much as three trolleys of daily goods. The mall increased its security on that day to handle the frenzy.

On the following day, the supermarket opened at 12.45pm and only allowed customers to shop at the vegetables and fish sections as other aisles were in the midst of replenishing stock.

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