JPJ’s Excessive Spending On Premium GoPro Cam to Nail Traffic Offenders Sparks Outrage

Looks like the Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers will be going on a holiday with the citizens as they don on Go Pro as dash cam to film travel vlogs.

According to Harian Metro and The Borneo Post, the JPJ vehicles in Johor and Sarawak will be equipped with Go Pro camera to record any traffic offences committed by drivers during this Chinese New Year season.

Calling it “Op Tahun Baru Cina”, 150 personnel from Johor will use the thousand ringgit cameras to patrol the streets from January 29 to February 12. There are 185 JPJ personnel in Sarawak for the same operation.

“We will use Go Pro to record videos or take pictures of traffic offences which we will then file a report into the system and call the traffic offenders into questioning. We will take actions against them there,” JPJ Johor director Razali Wagiman.

Source: Harian Metro

JPJ Sarawak director Mohd Syafiq Anas Abdullah said the footage shot with Go Pro “will also provide us with photo and video evidence of the offence.”

Razali said the department has frozen all JPJ Johor officers’ leave in conjunction with the operation to ensure smooth traffic, while Mohd Syafiq said the patrols in Sarawak aim to capture speeding motorists, traffic light jumpers and those who drive recklessly that would put themselves and others in danger.

JPJ in both states will also monitor the safety of buses and the drivers. The Johor department will run a check on the buses’ condition, such as the emergency doors, brakes and tyres, while the Sarawak department will send their personnel as undercover passengers to ensure the bus drivers are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Source: Facebook

Heavy vehicles such as trailers and cargo lorries are prohibited on Johor and Sarawak roads from Feb 2 to 4, and from Feb 9 to 10.

Following the news of using Go Pro as spy cams, netizens were infuriated by the department’s excessive spending, contending that there are cheaper dash cams that do the same job.

Go Pro is an America-made compact camera that the company branded itself as an action camera perfect for travel and extreme sports.

Source: Facebook

One netizen wrote: “Please use a device that is cheaper. There are plenty of dash cam choices under RM500. They have the same function and quality.

“Go Pro is made to film extreme activities or use in practical areas, not to sit idly in the car as a dash cam.

“One Go Pro worth more than RM1,000, and if buy, definitely the department will buy the latest model. The supplier must be rich (from the deal).”

Source: Facebook

Another netizen added that Go Pro is not made for the job as it requires a frequent battery and memory card change.

“Go Pro can only record about 2 hours for one battery. If the patrol lasts eight hours, the camera will get very hot and it will need four batteries. That is if the personnel are using Go Pro Black. Other variants have built-in batteries.

“Furthermore, Go Pro Black is expensive. Please choose other options.”

Netizens became very concerned and recommended many dash cam brands that are much cheaper than Go Pro.

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