KFC Releases Chicken-Flavoured Mooncake in a Bucket That Can Be Doubled As Lantern

Mooncake Festival falls on September 13 this year and it will be a little bit more special this time because KFC has released its own version of mooncakes.

And yes, one of them is chicken flavoured!

According to SCMP, the finger-licking good mooncake is called “Spicy Chicken and Nuts Mooncake”. Based on the photo, the filling of the mooncake is a mixture of spicy chicken floss, crushed almonds and walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

Source: SCMP

As for the second flavour, it is called “Golden Lava Mooncake” and it is filled with a smooth egg yolk custard inside.

Source: Hypebae

Other than the mooncakes, the cherry on top of this release is its packaging. Naming it as the “Moonlight Bucket”, it features Colonel Sanders on its classical chicken bucket.

It even houses two LED bulbs front and back, emitting lights from windows on each side.

Source: Hypebae

While it looks like a KFC version of Death Star, it is intentionally doubled as a lantern for children to carry around during the festive.

However, it is said to be sold at Hong Kong outlets only right now, with sales starting from August 13 to September 10 September, its Facebook post announced.

It costs HK$275 (or RM145) to get the Moonlight Bucket, inside comes with three spicy chicken and nuts mooncakes and three golden lava mooncakes.

Source: Hypebae

Hopefully, it will be released in Malaysia. Or we can always buy it online or hire travellers to purchase it on your behalf and bring it back to you for a fee. Platforms like Grabr and Airfrov are a place that connects buyers to travellers.

What are your thoughts on KFC’s mooncakes? Do you think they will leave you finger-licking good?

Let us know in the comments below.

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