Kiky The Cat Says Happy Purr-thday To Daddy Najib on Instagram

Former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak’s most popular cat, Kiky, had come back from its hiatus after not posting a picture of itself for more than two months now.

The last time Kiky posted on Instagram was the eve of the 14th General Election and the post today revealed its new Instagram name, @kikytamanduta, a reference to the Najib’s current residence at Jalan Langgak Duta, Taman Duta, Kuala Lumpur. Prior to this, Kiky’s Instagram name was called @kikyseriperdana, the name of the official residence of Malaysian Prime Minister located at Presint 10, Putrajaya.

Posted at around 8am today, Kiky announced to the world that it’s Najib’s birthday. Its eyes were dilated as seen from the photo, which could mean either it’s excited or surprised. We think that Kiky is most likely surprised because it hadn’t been fronted with a camera for quite awhile now.

“Waiting for papa to come down for breakfast, want to peluk manja (be pampered with a hug), today is the birthday of papa @najib_razak!” Kiky wrote.

At the time of writing, the post had garnered 2,750 Likes and 226 Comments.

Earlier today, Najib celebrated his birthday at the Parliament lobby. He was accompanied by wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor, opposition leader Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, actress Ellie Suriati Omar, former Bersatu founding member Anina Saadudin and several BN MPs, Malaysiakini reported.

The cake featured a caricature of him, two sparklers and the words “Thank You Sir Dato’ Sri Najib Razak” written on a piece of icing. When a person in charge was struggling to light up the first sparkler, Najib got up-close to inspect the impediment. In a split second, the sparkler lighted up and the flare almost burned up to Najib’s face. Everyone was taken aback by the situation but immediately giggled at the funny encounter.

Source: Star TV

The small group of supporters sang Happy Birthday and “Allah Selamatkan Kamu” (May God Save You) to the now 65-year-old Pekan MP. He was later shown a video titled “TQ Sir” which depicted montages of his time as prime minister.

“I didn’t expect such a complimentary video.

“To me, the video is not about me, but it is a recognition of the previous government’s national transformation policies,” said the former premier after finish watching the video through a laptop screen.

Responding to reporters, Rosmah wished Najib all the best and told the media that the family loved Najib very much as the head of the family.

“He is a very truthful man and he is on the right path,” she added.

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PS: Before you go, Drake’s latest song “In My Feelings” is a song dedicated to a person called Kiky, the namesake of Najib’s cat. The song also sparked a viral trend that challenges people to dance to the song but some used their pet to take up the challenge instead. Here is one example:

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