Kindhearted Shell Employee Sent 12yo Back to Family After Mother Left R&R Without Her

As the saying goes, “the toughest job in the world is being a mother.” And this mother had it worse as she is a mother of six who was travelling back to Kampung this Raya season.

According to NST, the incident happened yesterday (Jun 3) at 2pm when the mother realized one of her six children was not in the car after they left Temerloh Rest and Recreational (R&R).

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Taking to Twitter to ask for help, @Sutungmenjerit said she left her 12-year-old daughter behind in the Shell petrol station after stopping there to perform prayers earlier.

“Anyone near Temerloh (Pahang), please help Che Jah. My daughter was left behind at the Shell R&R Temerloh. Mama is now at 143.6km eastbound,” the mother posted the tweet at 2.47pm.

Source: Twitter

The tweet quickly went viral with over 10,000 retweets at the time of writing. Many offered suggestions while some were confused about how a mother could forget her own child.

Some suggested @Sutungmenjerit to contact the ANIH highway personnel to ask for help but she told her concerned followers that she had tried it but the staff had too many accident cases to attend to.

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She was told to wait by the ANIH highway personnel. However, she received a call from the Shell petrol station not long after, saying that they were amidst looking for a motorcycle to send her lost child back to her.

On the phone, The Shell employee also told @Sutungmenjerit that the highway personnel were slow in handling this sort of situation.

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After almost an hour at 3.34pm, the mother finally reunited back with her 12-year-old. A Shell employee in uniform sent the child back to her in an orange-silver bike.

@Sutungmenjerit thanked netizens for making her public plea viral and the Shell employees for taking the trouble to send her daughter back to her. The new post was retweeted over 7,500 times.

Temerloh Shell petrol station, Pahang. Source: Google Maps

When asked how she could leave her daughter behind, she explained that six of her children were sleeping in the car at that time. Some followed her to the prayers, while some loitered outside of the vehicle.

She only realized she left her 12-year-old when she received a call from the petrol station and by that time, she already arrived in Maran, Pahang − some 15km away.

Source: Twitter

@Sutungmenjerit’s Twitter nickname is Makcik Brutal, which prompted one netizen to point out that it is a fitting name for a brutally forgetful mom.

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Another netizen accorded @Sutungmenjerit as the “Mother of the Year,” which got some others to agree in laughter.

A few netizens had also drawn @Sutungmenjerit’s ordeal to Home Alone where 8-year-old Kevin was left behind in the house when the family went for a holiday in the classic Christmas movie.

Source: Twitter

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