Klang Scammer Uses Worn-Out Iswara to Beg Money with Wife and Kids From Kind Passersby

The people of Klang must beware of this. There is a man in town who has been using the same modus operandi for months to scam money as much as RM450 from kind passersby with a shabby Proton Iswara and a family of three children to get sympathy.

In a viral post on Klang community Facebook group, a netizen by the screen name Saiful Zaid exposed the man’s scheme, whose name is revealed as Mokhtar Dahari Bin Yusof through a picture of the latter’s MyKad.

Source: Facebook

Saiful wrote in the brief caption that he met Mokhtar at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital asking for money. Mokhtar told him that his car had broken down and their home was at Tanjung Karang, about 60km away. Saiful took pity on Mokhtar as the latter’s family was seen sitting in the car under the hot sun. He offered some money to Mokhtar. When he realized it was a scam, Saiful lodged a police report against the man and took to Facebook to expose Mokhtar’s shameless act.

Source: Facebook

Along with the post, Saiful compiled other posts pertinent to Mokhtar’s previous exposés. It was then Saiful realized that Mokhtar used the same sentences when the latter approached him. In one of the post screen captures, it read:

“The residents of Shah Alam, Setia Alam and Klang, be careful.

“There’s this man using such a modus operandi to claim that his car’s temperature is rising, the alternator is damaged, so on and so forth…

“He said he wanted to send his son to school who aspired to enter Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) one day. His children and wife were in the car.

“He was asking for money by lying. This is the second time I met him. Three months ago, I met him and he gave the same reason.

“When I confronted him that I met him before at a Petronas station in Setia Alam, he immediately apologized.”

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