Korean Street Vendor Shouts Out to Najib, Channels “Bossku” Power to Make Candy

South Korean’s honey candy, or dragon’s beard, is a famous souvenir that tourists love mainly because of the performance that comes with it. These candy vendors will often narrate the making process and history of the candy by using words from the tourists’ native language. However, this particular candy maker has won Malaysians’ heart when he spoke in fluent Bahasa Malaysia and was even able to make topical jokes.

Dragon’s beard candy. Source: bentalasalon

In a video uploaded by Suara Cinta Suara FM, it saw a South Korean making the dragon’s beard in the cold weather. The man donned in a white winter cloth and a trapper hat said the candy was a delicacy made for the kings 5,000 years ago and that it is made from honey.

The man started speaking in Bahasa and announced his love for Rendang Ayam. He then started stretching a honey block and pulled it into noodle-like candy.

“Make a lubang. Stretching, stretching… Sedikit demi sedikit… Tarik, tarik, tarik, tarik…,” the man said.

Source: Facebook

He was able to count in Bahasa as he pulled the candy into 16 thousand hair-thin threads. It was there he injected jokes about our former Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Source: Facebook

Dua ribu empat puluh lapan… empat ribu sembilan puluh enam… lapan ribu seratus sembilan puluh dua. (2,408… 4,096… 8,192…)

“Finally, Najib ‘Bossku’ power,” the man jabbed as he pulled the candy into 16,000 strings.

Source: Facebook

The person behind the camera thought she heard wrong and asked if he said Najib, to which he replied, “Malu apa, Bossku” (What to afraid, my boss).

The group started to laugh. The man continued and said the candy now looks like “rambut Rosmah” (Rosmah’s hair).

Source: Facebook

The video was shared over 50,000 times on Facebook and netizens absolutely adored him for his witty joke.

Najib? Malu apa bossku… Boss kiter… 16ribu… Rambut Rosmah….

Haha… Dia sendiri gelak 😂😂😂,” one netizen wrote as he noted that the candy maker was also laughing at his own joke.

“Omg, his slang is so unique haha,” another netizen said.

One netizen claimed that the entertaining candy maker was born in Indonesia and moved to South Korea with his Korean mother and Indonesian father.

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