Ladies would want this manly muscle huggy pillow with six-pack abs

manly huggy pillow

Get your own manly, hunky male torso to hug and keep you warm at night

Ah, Japan, land of the weird and wonderful. While there’s plenty of weird stuff that’s sometimes (or mostly) geared towards the male species, this time around, they’ve got something that some of the ladies might want to hug.

There’s plenty of huggy pillows out there that are usually designed for males from female formed huggy pillows to ones with 3D boob implants, however Shirane, a recent graduate of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu Institute of Art has decided to design a huggy pillow in the shape of a male torso, a hunky, muscular male torso.

The huggy pillow was designed as part of her graduation project (we’d really love to go to that school). For the project, Shirane crafted a cushion modelled after a male torso. Not only did she just model it after any male torso, it is one that’s is tautly toned and perfectly hairless.

And while it started off as a school project, it seems Shirane wasn’t the only one that was taken with the hunky huggy pillow. During her pre-graduation exhibit, she was told by guest over and over again (we assume female) that they would also like to have one for themselves. As such, Shirane has actually decided to produce the hunky huggy pillow.

The thing is, fresh grads aren’t exactly rolling in dough, so she’s recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to get the production of the manly pillow funded. Dubbed the “oppai pillow” the “oppai” in this case doesn’t refer to female boobs as the term is usually used for, but is instead spelt in kanji which means male.

Her crowdfunding campaign originally was only looking at around 450,000 yen (around RM16,600) but it has already flew past that number. That means it’s definitely getting produced and that’s with 50 days still running till the crowd-funding campaign ends. So how much is the hunky huggy pillow going to cost you? For now, as the crowd-funding campaign is still ongoing, you’ll be able to get it for 10,000 yen (around RM370). Just head over here to pledge for the pillow and if all goes well, you should be getting your own hunky, huggy pillow torso in October this year.

Source: Rocket News

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