Landlord Shocks To See House’s Condition After Getting Back Keys From This Renter in S’wak

You will never know what is going on behind the closed door, especially when the tenant refuses to give its keys back.

This landlord was in a surprise when one of the renters finally gave back his keys.

A Sarawakian landlord had been worried sick and chasing this renter who worked as a teacher for months after the rental term was been terminated last year.

Source: Sin Chew

After a few months, the landlord finally got the keys back. The moment when he opened and entered the house, he felt extremely uncomfortable as there was rubbish everywhere.

According to Sin Chew, the landlord, surname Yeo, said the house in Miri was so dirty that it took his younger brother to clean the whole place for four days straight.

He told to the Mandarin daily that the teacher was renting his single storey house for about six to seven years. The teacher rented the house until last year when he said he no longer wanted to stay but never did return the keys.

Yeo’s mother told the teacher to take all of his belongings and clean the house after Chinese New Year this year. However, the key was not returned until early April.

Source: Sin Chew

Yeo along with his family visited the house a few days ago and was surprised to see boxes, plastic bags, empty cans and rubbish all over the place. The mess did not end there as there were leftover food, drinks and unwashed dishes on the table.

When asked why the keys were not retrieved from the tenant the first time, Yeo said that the teacher had something to move but he did not expect the house to become a landfill. Well, nobody wwould expect that.

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Source: Gifer

Yeo said that the teacher previously gave tuition classes to students in the house.

“I believed that the situation happened when the tenant was moving out.

“It was probably that the rubbish was not taken away, leaving a bombshell scene”, he said.

Yeo uploaded the pictures of the bombshell house on Facebook on Wednesday (Apr 17). Netizens were all shocked to see the house’s condition and let alone it was caused by a teacher.

“Having high education doesn’t mean that there is high self-cultivation. Human’s personality is from the upbringing, not read out”, one wrote.

Another netizen said, “Teaching is only his profession, it doesn’t represent his character.”

“My former housemate is also a teacher, but he never cleans the house. The house he stayed with the photos in the article shares no differences at all 😂”, one Facebook commented.

Not long ago, Feedme Malaysia covered a university female student who also surprised her housemates after she left the apartment.

We hope Yeo and his family managed to get the whole house clean.

What are your thoughts on this teacher leaving without cleaning the house at all? Let us know in the comments below. 

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