Lawyers Wipes Out Video of Jho Low’s Lavish Proposal to Singer Elva Hsiao From Internet

Once it is on the Internet, it will forever stay on the Internet. That is how the conventional wisdom goes. But could the richest people in the world reverse the circulation of a photo or a video? The verdict out of this story is that: they could try.

According to an exclusive report by China Press, the lawyers of 1MDB-linked financer Low Taek Jho, or better known as Jho Low, had wiped out all reuploads of a video which saw Low’s lavish proposal to Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao back in 2011.

Source: Facebook

It is reported that Low had instructed his lawyers to remove the video and based on the screenshot of a Facebook report notice, the lawyers that carried out the massive video eradication are from Schillings Partners, a UK-based law company that is staffed with reputation, privacy and family lawyers, risk consulting, cybersecurity and intelligence specialists.

Source: China Press

A web-native dubbed as the “Malaysia’s Spider-Man” surnamed “Jiang”, told China Press that he has been banned from Facebook after reuploading the video on his profile. Jiang said that Low’s lawyers had reported the video to Facebook, claiming that Jiang had infringed the copyright of others. The report notice also stated that Low is the rightful owner of the video.

Jiang said that the video was massively circulated after he reuploaded it to Facebook. He revealed that he stumbled across the video from a production company’s YouTube channel and it was part of the company’s showreel collections. Jiang said it only had 27 views when he found it.

“Low Taek Jho appointed his lawyers to eliminate all videos (of Low Taek Jho proposes to Elva Hsiao) on the Internet. Now all the videos cannot be found.

“A lot of people copied the video from my page and republished it, but these were removed. The video no longer exists,” Jiang told the daily.

Source: Facebook

Media reported in 2012 that Low’s proposal to the Taiwanese pop star cost a whopping RM6.6 million. The ceremony was held in a luxurious hotel which included a private performance and firework show. Both of them were seen having dinner by the beach with lit candles lining to the shape of a big heart.

Source: Facebook

A quick search on Google found that many of the video reuploads have been removed but FeedMe Malaysia was able to find some of them on Facebook. The 5-minute video began with a logo intro that reads “Ali Bakhtiar Designs”. In it, we could see Low embracing Hsiao in multiple scenes and Hsiao even appeared teary in some of the shots.

Source: Facebook

The extravagance did not just stop there. In the 2-minute and 40-second mark, a man was seen gliding down from the sky in a parachute to deliver gems and jewellery to Hsiao which she received with a broad smile. The ceremony is believed to be held at Atlantis Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

However, Hsiao later confirmed to media that Low did not propose to her and that they were merely good friends. Hsiao also denied receiving the gifts.

Source: Facebook

But the video saw huge “Jho ♥ Elva” LED banner there…

In the latest report on fugitive Jho Low’s whereabouts, The Star reported yesterday (Mar 7) that his current location is speculated to be in China but it is not definitive.

Inspector General Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the Bukit Aman unit had engaged with overseas officials, including those China, to track down him down.

You can watch the full video on the next page. Hopefully, Low’s lawyers will not get to it until you watched it.

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