Mahathir Says He Can Resign Anytime After Taxi Drivers Rudely Demand Grab Ban

There are better ways to send a message across, especially to a respected elder statesman who still serves for the country at 93-year-old. 

Earlier today (Oct 21), Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was speaking at a dialogue session with about 200 taxi drivers in Langkawi, according to Utusan Online.

The Star reported that about 10 cabbies stood up, shouted offensive slurs and staged a walkout after Dr Mahathir stated that he couldn’t ban e-hailing service Grab in the country. Instead, he would push for a policy to allow taxi drivers and e-hailing drivers compete fairly in the market.

Source: Malay Mail

Taxi drivers claimed that the government is giving “preferential treatment” given to Grab.

“Give me time to resolve this problem. It is not easy to ban (Grab) so as to eliminate competition.

“I’ve long sought a solution so that all sides can make a living. I will try but I can’t make promises,” said Dr Mahathir.

The Langkawi MP told the taxi drivers to resolve the conundrum themselves if they didn’t believe he could help, adding that he could only solve their problems if they allowed him to help.

“It’s not that I want to be a Prime Minister. I have retired, but people call me back, that’s why I came. If you don’t want me to be the Prime Minister, I can resign today, it’s no problem for me,” lamented Dr Mahathir.

After the situation had calmed down two minutes later, Dr Mahathir said as the Prime Minister, he was only trying to help the taxi drivers.

Last Wednesday (Oct 17), a group of cabbies took the street of Putrajaya to protest about the “preferential treatment” the government offers to Grab where the government is in talks with the company to provide free transport services at MRT stations, NST reported.

“We want to know why only Grab is being chosen and not the 45 Malaysian taxi companies combined?

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