Malaysian woman that scammed RM400k worth of luxury goods nabbed


Be careful who you sell your stuff to online. Plenty of scammers are out there today

If you occasionally sell or even make a living from selling stuff online via places like Mudah and Carousel (or even Facebook), you might want to be a little bit careful who your customers are. Plenty of scammers are out there now, evidenced by this Malaysian woman that was nabbed for allegedly cheating online luxury goods sellers for up to RM400,000.

The 27-year-old woman was apparently aided by her 32-year-old British boyfriend and according to a report by The Star, they’re victims number around at least 9 so far, based on the number of police reports made so far. Some of the luxury goods that were cheated from the sellers included a diamond ring and luxury watches.

So how did they do it? According to Dang Wangi police chief ACP Shaharuddin Abdullah, the couple would claim that payment for the purchase of the goods was already made to the sellers via bank transactions overseas and they would produce fake receipts as proof to the victims. Once the “proof” was shown, they would then receive the items.

According to ACP Shaharuddin Abdullah, the couple has been operating for the past few months and the British boyfriend had even overstayed in the country for more than six months and even had a criminal record for theft here. The couple are currently being remanded for five days while the investigations are ongoing.

This might be a good lesson for online sellers to take necessary precautions when they’re dealing with their customers exclusively online. While platforms like Carousel, Mudah and Facebook have made it easier for many to sell their stuff directly to other buyers, there’s always that hint of danger of being scammed, especially if you don’t do a face-to-face deal.

It’s always good to have proof but there’s no better proof than having the actual money in the bank before you decide to deliver your goods to a buyer you’ve haven’t met or even seen personally before.

Source: The Star

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