Malaysia durian prices are now up to half what they were in 2017

Durian Malaysia

Looks like durian prices in Malaysia are going to be a whole lot cheaper this season

Durian lovers rejoice. Looks like you’ll be getting cheaper durians this year. Thanks to a bumper harvest in Penang this season, durian prices have dropped for the all-time high around the same time last year.

Due to an acute shortage of the “King of Fruits” last year, we saw durian prices skyrocket, especially for popular varieties like the “Musang King” and Black Thorne grade A. This year, however, the prices have dropped significantly. According to a report from The Star, the popular “Musang King” variety of durian is now going for around RM65 to RM50 a kg. That’s more than half the price that it was going for some time last year. The same can be said of another high-end durian variety, the Black Thorne Grade A, which is now going for RM70 per kg instead of the RM100 from last year.

While there has been a significant drop in the “higher-end” grade of durians this year, the more classic or vintage varieties didn’t see such a significant price drop, though they are still cheaper compared to 2017. The D167 or Hor Lor durian are now going for RM30 to RM45 per kg compared to their RM40 to RM55 per kg price last year while the D158 or Ganja durian is going for RM28 a kg compared to the RM35 of last year.

It seems this season’s bumper crop is a bit of an anomaly according to some durian farmers. In an interview with the Star, the owner of Bao Sheng durian Farm,Chang Teik Seng says he had never seen such a durian season in his 35 years in the trade. The season is expected to last until next month (April) and according to Chang, the next batch of durians to be harvested are expected to come around May or June. However, he doesn’t expect much of a harvest in September so prices could possibly go higher during that period.

And while these durian prices may be Penang prices, with the bumper crop in Penang and many of these durians being shipped over to other states, we can also expect a good drop in durian prices elsewhere in Malaysia as well.So if you’re a durian lover, you might want to head over to your nearest durian stall and get whiff and taste of them before the season ends. After all, you never know when you’ll be getting cheaper durian the next time.

Source: The Star

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