Man Destroys RM2mil Condo Above W Hotel Which Was Sold to Him as “Ultimate Luxury”

When you do not get what you paid for, you complain. Or maybe you ask for a refund if the situation allows. But not for this man, and he is threatening the property developer a dire consequence for not delivering the promised “impeccable design” in its luxurious condominium.

A middle-aged man posted a series of videos complaining about his recent purchase of RM2 million luxury condominium, Tropicana’s The Residences, in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

The man was very unhappy with the quality of the property, describing the unit as “cheapskate”. The property developer representative, Mr Yee, can be seen in the video being stiff and had to endure the complaints from the angry client.

“I will make sure to make it a mission in my life to screw your Tropicana reputation down the drain

“We bought this (unit) in Hong Kong.

“This is not the only marble defect,” said the man as he pointed to the cracked tiles.

“Tropicana director, we operate a company to make money, but please don’t be so cheapskate.

“You sell this as a luxurious, impeccable taste, ultimate lifestyle. You give me this kind of sofa.

“Your curtain have to close like this.

“You don’t even have a curtain rod. You call this a luxurious apartment? This is unacceptable to me.”

In a separate video, he pointed out the cracks on his marble floor again. He even used a red spray to mark the cracks. The floors were not the only thing he sprayed.

The furious unit owner sprayed paint on the doors which he said was supposed to be “smart doors”.

He asked a staff to demonstrate on closing the door which its handle was completely hidden behind the wall. The lady had to stick her finger into the heavy door in order to close it.

The man said other homeowners would bring their complaints to the tribunal but he contended that there are many ways to make his voice heard.

“I don’t have time to go to a tribunal. Wait until you deal with those from mainland China.

“There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

Another video, it saw him in a construction worker uniform; wearing all black, with safety goggles and a safety helmet. Not too long, he brought in a sledgehammer and threw it on the dining table, smashing its glass to pieces.

“Your impeccable taste, you want me to accept?”

“I won’t accept, I don’t need you to pay me, I don’t like it.”

He further released his anger by hitting the floor with the hammer.

Then, the enraged tenant proceeded to the bedroom, criticizing that the tables were cheaply built. The nightstand was a simple black wooden furniture while the dressing table was merely a black metal piece.

Without mercy, he took the chair and threw it against the mirror wall.

“Impeccable taste ah? This is after tout!”

“This is not luxurious.”

Netizens were all siding the man, saying that the unit was not worthy of the price he paid.

“I’m no designer. But the make-up table for split-personality people? Where got a table with half mirror like that?” one wrote.

Another netizen commented, “Good on him! Someone with da balls finally!”

One Facebook user commented with a picture as a comedic response:

Ever since the videos went viral on the Internet, MR.DIY decided to plug themselves to the issue by posting that they have all the following items for defect checking. Good one, MR. DIY!

The developer in question had come forward for a response on its Facebook page. In the post, Tropicana Corporation Berhad did not apologize and said the man in the video was not the direct owner but only a representative.

Star Property previously wrote about the new condominium, describing it as a “unique iconic project offering chic and modernist luxury residences that will be the first of its kind”. Definitely not first of its kind.

The Residences is located right above the W Hotel Kuala Lumpur, which is up to the 23rd floor. From 25th to 53rd floors, it was the apartment in question.

“All the units have cutting-edge designs, yet portray the warmth of local lifestyle and influences that will place them in a league of their own and make them the prized dwellings for our residents,” said Tropicana Corp executive director Daniel Teh.

“Owning a residence in this super prime location is a reflection of luxury and prestige. The residents will also benefit from the integrated five-star hotel services.” Lies!

On Tropicana The Residences’s website, the property has been portrayed as a smart and functional layout finished in high-quality material, and furnishes with “impeccable taste and originality”.

You can watch the full video and read more about the controversy on the next page. 

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