Man Drives Terrible Condition Kancil Against Traffic in Penang But Still Wins Netizens’ Heart

In the past, netizens have recorded a mysterious individual driving a junkyard-like Perodua Kancil in Penang before. Photos of the man were circulated on the Internet, with many commanding the man how could preserver and unfazed by other people’s opinion of him.

But this mysterious man caught the Internet attention again when he was driving against traffic with his shabby car.

According to Harian Metro, the police immediately rushed to the scene where the individual was, fearing that his driving might endanger other road users.

The individual was apprehended by police on Jalan Baru, Bukit Mertajam in Penang on April 1.

Central Seberang Perai Assistant Commissioner Nik Ros Azhan Nik Ab Hamid said they received a call at 4.30pm. The police then arrived at the scene, instructing the man to turn back.

Source: Facebook

Nik Ros added that the individual’s vehicle was badly damaged and police personnel ordered him to repair his car at a workshop in Taman Mas. He was then arrested at a location near the workshop.

“As a result, we found the man is a 45 of age and is from Raub, Pahang, and does not possess any criminal records or drugs.

“However, we issued a fine against him as his road tax and licence had expired, in addition, the offender did not have a register car number at the front or back of the car,” he said Wednesday (Apr 3).

No further arrest or examination on the man. Authorities found that the wretched Perodua Kancil was registered under a man’s name who lives in George Town, Penang.

The puzzling looking man was previously seen driving around in Central and Southern of Seberang Perai.

As for his car, it is in a desolate state but it is a miracle that it could still move. The old Perodua Kancil has many cracks and dents, a broken driver’s door, faded car paint and it seems to have sustained heavy vandalism.

As seen in the seven seconds widely circulated video, the door was dangling open as the car cruised along a shop lot area. Inside the car, it is filled with recyclables.

Though looking ragged, netizens all praised the man for not bothering people’s judgement and simply minding his own business.

One Facebook user wrote, “His car can go (to) Penang from KL… really bravo”.

“Old car always the best. Broken like this still can drive. 👍🏻,” another netizen said.

One netizen asked on a group, “Any story behind this?”, to which another netizen replied:

“He picks and sells recyclable trash. He doesn’t seem (to be in) sounding mind but he doesn’t bother anyone. I have seen him travelling between Selayang and Rawang. Just don’t need to pass cruel comments as he is eking out a living. And yes, his car is in bad condition.”

In the caption of one of the posts, the man was even hailed as a legend.

You can watch the full video of the man driving his car on the next page.

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