Man Mugged By 10 People After DJ Leng Yein’s Concert Because He Bought a Lemonade for a Girl

Getting jealous over a trivial matter is fine but this man seems to have taken it too far. Just because someone bought a glass of lemonade for his crush, he ganged up against the man and assaulted him, causing injuries that required over 50 stitches.

Sherman Choo posted on Facebook on the April 30 (Tuesday) that his younger brother was beaten up by a group of men when he was drunk.

The incident took place in a pub called LED Modern Bar which is located at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. The victim, Lee Zhou Yu, along with his colleagues went to the bar to see DJ Leng Yein’s performance at 2am that night.

Source: Facebook

After Lee had too much to drink, Choo said his brother bought lemonade to a random girl in the pub. Coincidently, a man saw Lee’s move and presumed that Lee was trying to hit on the girl.

Choo explained that his brother only offered a drink to that young lady but the man could not keep his cool and started making a scene.

Choo posted a photo of the girl who Lee allegedly bought the drink for. Choo also found it odd that the girl suddenly became the “girlfriend” to the assailant after the incident.

Lee suffered a broken hand and had 50 stitches all over his body.

Choo is currently making a public plea to look for the men and the girl who was involved in Lee’s assault. He even shared screenshots of their Instagram account and asked the public to assist him if they happened to know any one of them.

Lee added on the Facebook post that he was surrounded by more than 10 unknown individuals and was beaten up by them. He said he was pulverized for about one to two minutes. He woke up losing his shoes and gold chain.

In a comment, Lee wrote that the incident where he bought the drink for the girl happened two weeks ago whereas the day he got assaulted was on Tuesday. He clarified that it was two occasions on different days.

Source: China Press

Lee explained that two weeks ago, he and his friend went to Mining Bar which is also located in Mount Austin. There were a man and a girl drinking together in close proximity. He asked the girl whether the man was her boyfriend and she answered “no”, the same answer was also given by the man.

That night, when the girl was already intoxicated, she still wanted to chug. The man later took her wine glass out of her hand to avoid getting hurt.

Lee ordered a glass of lemonade for himself as well as for the girl. When Lee wanted to give the lemonade to her, the man approached him fiercely and screamed at his face. Out of fear, Lee left the pub.

Source: Facebook

And two weeks later, which was April 30, Lee was assaulted by the man along with his group.

Lee said that the assailant ended up becoming the girl’s boyfriend after the incident. He had also lodged a police report over the matter.

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