McDonald’s Leads Malaysia to Start No Straws Movement From August 1; Here’s Why Straws Are “Non-Recyclable”

On June 19, KFC Singapore announced that the fast food chains would no longer serve their drinks with single-use straws in a bid to protect earth from prevailing plastic wastes. The announcement was well-received by most netizens but some argued that the elderly, children or disabled people need those plastic tubes in order to take the sip. Some even claimed that fast food chains that were supposed to provide “convenience” should come equipped with single-use straws so that people could eat and drink on the go without making a mess.

Heated complaints flooded the viral post on Facebook but the famous fried chicken brand revealed that the restaurants would still hand out the straws upon request and reiterated their wish for customers to join the company’s effort in reducing plastic wastes.

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Over here on the home front, it looks like we will be next to experience such “inconvenience” soon because according to various publishing sites, such as Oh My MediaLeesharing, and Vitdaily, McDonald’s Malaysia will weed out the use of single-use straws starting August 1. However, the banners that relate the message also pointed out that customers could ask for one if they absolutely need one.

Lucky for us, a quick scan in the comment sections found that most Malaysians welcomed the move with little to no complaints. Yes! Kiasu Malaysians win this round over kiasi Singaporeans (Kiasu- overcompetitive; Kiasi- overly afraid).

One common complaint we found was that since McDonald’s saved money from cutting down on straws, some netizens demanded the fast food chain to drop their price.

“Yea you can do the campaign. (But) reduce your meal price (too) lah. At least 10 sen or 20 sen.

Don’t just implement environmental and all bullshit, but the price still maintains as usual,” one netizen lashed out.

Source: Oh My Media

A few Malaysians pointed out that KFC Singapore had already done it and they welcomed such a move in Malaysia as well. While some netizens quipped that they would instead stop patronizing McDonald’s starting August 1.

Malaysians are no strangers to being plastic-conscious. We have adopted no-plastic bag practice in Selangor as early as 2010. Last year, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Melaka, and Johor had also ruled plastic ban in their respective states, CNA reported. Shockingly, former government Barisan Nasional stated its intention to bring back plastic bags in Selangor and led Tun Dr Mahathir to criticize BN for its the backward thinking.

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Currently, Penang state government is working towards banning of all single-use plastic straws, something which is supported by Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow who responded “just do it” when the cause was proposed by City Council mayor Yew Tung Seang.

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FYI, despite plastic straws are being made out of made out of polypropylene, which is entirely recyclable, but most recycling plants are not equipped with hyper-technologically advance machines to process the quarter-inch wide plastic tubes. They would fall through the cracks in the machines and cause expensive breakdowns.

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