Meet the first Malaysian scientist to receive the prestigious Marie Curie Award

Prof Ng Kwan Hoong

This 60-year-old grandfather of two has joined the ranks of prestigious medical professionals in receiving the Marie Curie award

The Marie Curie Award or better known by its full name, the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award is one of the most prestigious awards that can be awarded to a medical scientist. The award honours scientists who have contributed to the education and training of medical physicists, students and health personnel as well the advancement of the profession. Being nominated for the award is already an honour, what more getting it.

You’d think that such a prestigious award would usually be awarded to a scientist based over in more developed countries like in Europe, Japan or the USA. This year, however, a Malaysian scientist will also have the honour of receiving the prestigious award this June.

The deserving scientist in question is Prof Dr Ng Kwan Hoong, a 60-year-old grandfather based with the Universiti Malaya’s Faculty of Medicine.  When asked about his reaction to being awarded by The Star, Prof Ng said he was speechless as previous recipients of the award were prestigious scientist.

“It is such a humbling experience for me to be mentioned in the same breath as those I look up to,” he added.

Prof Ng’s core research is in breast cancer screening and he is currently working with working with fellow researchers in Singapore to use artificial intelligence in computer-aided diagnosis so that it’ll improve the early detection of cancer.

The professor is no unknown in the medical community though. Back in 2013, he was named as one of the top medical physicists by UK-based International Organisation for Medical Physics (IOMP), who is the organisation that also gives out the Marie Curie Award.

Prof ng kwan hong 2

According to Prof Ng, he said the recognition was “extra special” because it showed that scientists from developing nations could also contribute to humanity.

That’s not the only achievements he’s made. Among the numerous achievements he has made include setting up the UM medical physics master programme 20 years ago, setting up the Asean College of Medical Physics in 2014 and even worked on on the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster report as a consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency. That’s on top of being one of the pioneers of radiation medicine in Malaysia.

Prof Ng will receive the award in June during the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering which will be held in Prague.

We’d just like to congratulate the professor and say that he’s not only done himself proud but Malaysia as well.

Source: The Star

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