Milky White Rabbit Candy is Haram, Jakim Found Traces of Pig and Cow DNA in It

On Sunday (Sept 8), Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Fuziah Salleh addressed a widespread rumour which claimed popular White Rabbit Candy is not halal, Malay Mail reported.

Fuziah urged the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to bring samples of the milk-flavoured candy imported from China to a laboratory to determine if the product contains traces of pig which is haram to Muslim consumers.

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The results are out and the Department of Chemistry Malaysia confirmed that the Malaysians favourite candy is indeed non-halal as DNA of pigs as well as cows were found in it.

Fuziah made the revelation in a video sent to TV Al Hijrah, according to KiniTV.

Source: KiniTV

“Based on (Department of Chemistry Malaysia’s) analysis, traces of babi and lembu DNA (in the candy) are positive.

“We suspect that the ingredients used in the White Rabbit candy may include gelatin,” said the Deputy Minister, adding that the source of the gelatin is not specified by the company.

She explained the candy is produced in China and imported to Malaysia through a Kuala Lumpur private limited company which had never applied a halal certificate from Jakim.

“For Muslims, make sure that the products consumed are halal. This is the responsibility of consumers,” Fuziah advised.

“But at the same time, for Jakim, I will ask them to write to several ministries, to determine what gelatin is used.

“The label could mislead the public because only gelatin is listed as an ingredient. It does not specify what type of gelatin. So people may not know what it is sourced from.”


In a report by, the White Rabbit candy is produced by Guanshengyuan Group and it recently launched a collaboration with Belgian chocolate brand Godiva to sell White Rabbit-flavored ice creams in pop-up stores.

This is so sad! Not just Muslims, Buddhist and Hindu devotees will have to give up White Rabbit candy too since it uses traces of cow. Vegetarians, too, will have to say goodbye to the milky candy.

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