Most Infamous “F-bomb” in M’sia 2018 After Bung Mokhtar Goes to This Man Who Assaulted Beer Promoter

After Kinabatangan MP Datuk Seri Bung Mokhtar Radin dropped the “F-bomb” in the august Dewan Rakyat and had gone unpunished for his action, it looks like someone is picking up the bad habit, thinking it would be alright to do that in the society as well.

A viral video has gone ballistic on social media in the past 24-hour after a Muslim man thought it was a good idea to film himself stepping into the non-halal section of a supermarket and verbally assaulted a young lady who was working as a Carlsberg beer promoter.

Source: Facebook

In the brief 46-second clip, the man confronted the lady at a Giant hypermarket alley surrounded by boxes of alcoholic drinks.

After rudely questioning her job, the man asked for her ethnicity to which she replied that she’s a Chinese. He then accused her of giving out the beer samples to anyone but the lady denied his claim, saying that she only gave it to non-Muslims.

The Carlsberg promoter told the man in English to bring his religious notion and propaganda elsewhere but before she could finish, the man told her to speak in Bahasa Melayu as he claimed that this is a “Malay soil”.

“Boleh cakap Melayu? Ini bumi Melayu!”

“Can you speak in Bahasa Melayu? This is a Malay land,” said the man.

She retaliated politely with a smile and asked if he was being racist. He responded “Ya” before quickly denying “No” three times. So are you a racist? We are very confused about this, and your motive.

Source: Facebook

The lady maintained a professional composure until the very end despite being getting a flip off and an “F-bomb” by the man in a huff. She just smiled it off and said, “You are hilarious.”

So, he did know how to speak English and his first choice of words was “F*** you”…? Hmmm…

Netizens were quick to back the innocent victim and commended her for not losing her cool. Netizens were also able to track down the man whose both Facebook accounts, Edi Rejang and Edi Edi Edi, had been deactivated, according to NST.

Netizens were able to find out how the man looks like. Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

In the caption of the original post, Edi called the girl a pig and stated that the incident happened in Giant, Ampang Point.

After the issue blew up, a netizen made a video statement and called out Edi for his inappropriate behaviour. Selva Kumar defended the young promoter and said she was merely doing her job.

“Why would you walk into the non-Halal section?

“She didn’t give the sample to you or didn’t bother you or even call for you.

“It was you that walked there and asked senseless questions,” said Selva, adding that Edi was a racist.

You can watch Selva shielding the young promoter in the video here, which has been received warmly by Malaysians and garnered over 37,000 shares in less than a day.

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