M’sian Actress Attacked By Kpop Fans After Tweeting That She Looks Like Like Jo Bo-Ah

Fans can be supportive but they can be toxic as well with their biased view. This local actress triggered a landfill of bombshells in the world of Kpop fandom when she compared herself with another Asian star.

24-year-old Malaysian actress Fatin Afeefa was attacked by Korean fans when she tweeted out that a fan said she resembles Korean actress Jo Bo-Ah.

Fatin Afeefa (left) and Jo Bo-Ah (Right). Source: CARI Infonet

According to NST, she received many harsh responses over that particular tweet.

“You don’t look like any Korean, you are ugly!

“The K-pop fans will not sit still!” said one K-pop fan to Fatin’s tweet. Woah, it is just a tweet.

Jo Bo-Ah. Source: Straits Times

Jo Bo-Ah. Source: Setangkai

Another fan took a passive-aggressive approach by messaging her privately saying that it is better not to mess with the “Army” (the fans).

“Be careful when you talk about K-pop, the Army is always on the lookout.

“I, a K-popper and the rest of the army ask you (Fatin) not to touch any issue regarding anything to do with the Korean entertainment business.

“Do not let your life be destroyed because of the “Army”, the netizen warned. It is Kpop, not religion. Hello?

Fatin Afeefa. Source: Instagram | fatinafeefa

Jo Bo-Ah. Source: Korean photoshoots

The mother of two admitted that she did not do much research into K-pop but she would not take the Kpop fanatics’ comments lying down as she defended herself in the following tweets.

“Chill all you k-poppers. Your idols (are) perfect, the best. I am in no position to be compared with your idol(s) because I am ugly as f**k.”

“The problem is I never said I have the same face with your idol. It was a person who said it. I never even agreed to the statement, why am I the one who kena (was attacked).”

Fatin is best known for starring in movies like Tentang Bulan, Volkswagen Kuning and Kampung Drift, along with the drama television series, Red Velvet and Monalisa.

Fatin Afeefa. Source: Instagram | fatinafeefa

The actress was once married to actor, Adam Shahz from 2013 to 2017, and has a 4-year-old daughter, Sophia Adam. She also has a seven-year-old son named Adam Arrian from a previous marriage.

She has over 800,000 followers on Instagram.

It is no joke as the K-pop fanbase is strong in Malaysia, and is definitely an army not to mess with. 

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