M’sian Girl Gone Missing in Taiwan to Meet Gaming Friend Sparks Outrage After Reported Safe

Would you really travel all alone to a foreign country just to meet up online friends? Well, this 19-year-old did and made her family’s hearts run for it.

According to China Press, a teenage girl went missing after she flew to Taiwan alone to look for a friend she met on a mobile game on the 4th day of the Chinese New Year. The daily’s story was shared over 2,700 times on Facebook with many netizens helping to locate her.

The family feared that she would be in danger after losing contact for over 48 hours. After all, the missing girl surnamed Chang is just 19-year-old. When she finally reported back to her family, netizens could not help but to reprimand her lack of responsibility. Some even accused Chang that it was a gimmick to attain instant fame.

Source: China Press

Before she was reportedly safe, Chang last contacted her family on Friday’s evening (Feb 8). Chang told her family that she was in a night market at Taoyuan with a group of friends at the time.

Source: tyta Taiwan

Her 24-year-old sister said it was Chang’s first time going abroad and promised to return to the country after nine days, which is this Sunday (Feb 16).

Her sister told the mandarin daily that Chang did not divulge much about her trip and even lied that she was going with a friend. The 19-year-old actually went there alone. The sister only found out the truth through a friend of hers.

“My sister told a friend that she was flying to Taiwan to find an individual who they met on an online game.

“Now we are worried that she might go to the wrong place”, said Chang’s sister.

Besides, Chang is also an active member of the Lion Dance Group according to her master surnamed Wang.

Source: China Press

Wang also posted a missing notice on Facebook and other platforms in a bid to seek for help from the locals in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Wang said Chang contacted him through the app LINE on the night when she landed in Taiwan. Chang told him she was meeting up with a man at Taoyuan whom she met in an online game.

“I told her to be careful, and come and find me when she arrives in Taipei in a few days time. However, there is no news about her since then”, said Wang.

A day after her gone missing news which was massively shared on social media, it turns out that Chang was fine and had reported safe to her family at about 12 noon yesterday (Feb 12). Her sister said Chang is ready to be more responsible from now on.

A screenshot message between Chang’s sister and Wang, telling him that Chang is fine. Source: Facebook| A-chung Wang

“She promised to call every day to tell her family on her whereabouts,” said the now relieved sister.

It turns out that her phone was just broken which explains why she could not reach with her family. Her sister thanked netizens and is now asking people to stop sharing her missing notice.

However, netizens found her delayed response to communicating with her family appalling − especially when it happened in the week of the Chinese New Year celebration.

One netizen said, “Taiwan is not a village. If your phone is broken, there are still computers around there. I do not believe she could not find ways to contact her family.” Exactly. Worse yet, she took three days to do so. 

Another netizen added, “Better off tell your parents two weeks after. By then, you can congratulate your parents and tell them you are now pregnant.”

One netizen said that Chang has suddenly become internet-famous due to her alleged missing. But another netizen said it was a cheap move.

“There are a lot of people looking for fame. This trick would not work on me though,” wrote a Facebook user.

“Her phone has broken in Taiwan but meanwhile in Malaysia, she has become famous overnight,” another jibed.

Many netizens reprimanded Chang’s action and even questioned her decision to travel thousands of miles to just meet a gaming friend.

Anyhow, thank goodness she is safe. 

What are your thoughts on this missing furore? Let us know in the comments below. 


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