M’sian Girl Shares That What Her Dad Saved From Buying Lottery in 2018 is As Good as The Grand Prize

Here is a story that will inspire you to start a “New Year, New Me” 2019 resolution.

Last Saturday (Jan 5), Facebook user Elin Tan took to the social media to showcase how proud she is of her father. Her hashtag asks her followers to give a round of applause for her old man.

“Many people are trying to save the money from buying cigarettes, but not him…

“Since January 1, 2018, (my father) decided to stop buying lottery. He saved up all the money intended for it.

Source: Facebook

“One year has passed now, and the result shocks me,” wrote the elated daughter.

“He opened up his savings to calculate. The total amount is equivalent to the top prize!”

In a video she posted, the father was seen taking out handful after handful of RM5 and RM20 notes from a gigantic red jar. He then put into a fairly large box to count the saving.

Source: Facebook

Tan did not reveal how much was saved up by her father but eagle-eyed netizens were quick to estimate how much the nicely stack up cash was from the photo. Some guessed that it was about RM3,000 while another guessed it was RM7,000.

Many netizens tag their family members and prompt them to share the post with their father.

“Please show this to dad,” said a female netizen, while another said, “Please learn this trick quickly. It is a foolproof way to win grand prize 100% of the time.”

Source: Google Map

However, there are some who said that Tan’s father may have saved up RM3,000 to RM7,000 but missed the chance to win ten of thousands. Well, that is just a wishful thinking. Let us tell you why:

If a lottery buyer purchases a 4D ticket, he has one over 9,999 chance to win it. The common misconception is that if the gambler did not win day one, he is more likely to win the next day. But let’s be honest here, it is not.

It is called a gambler’s fallacy, or Monte Carlo fallacy. Every time he bets, he faces a whole new set of odds regardless of what the past results have shown − they have no correlation whatsoever to the new bet. You cannot game a game when it works entirely at random.

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