M’sian Girls Lost It After Finding Out Syed Saddiq Has Hickey on Neck in VDay Photo

Hickey, or lovebite, is a woman’s way to mark a territory on her man. Vice versa for men. 

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To give a hickey, one must hold onto the subject dearly as she sucks on his skin and bites to create a bruise-like mark. It is typically performed on the neck or arm and the formation is a result of a small superficial burst of blood vessels under the skin.

So, to find a hickey on our minister, it is safe to say that our elected leader is not a lonely compulsive worker. He had some interesting, wild nights too.

On Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman posted a picture of himself with his kitty on Twitter. Syed wrote that he could not spend the romantic day with his cat because he would be heading to Pantai Timur for five days.

He said his ministry is committed to the development of Pantai Timur despite the constituency is ruled by a different party at the state level.

“The rakyat’s choice must be respected, (but our) duty to serve must be delivered,” Syed tweeted.

The post saw a surge of Likes and Retweets in comparison to most of Syed’s posts. All is usual until a few female netizens found a hickey on the minister’s neck.

In a tweet by user @surbhimohan, she noted a hickey on Syed and quipped that if the lovebite was also given by the cat.

After the revelation, many netizens came flooding the comment section.

“We owe an explanation sis…. pls spill the tea,” wrote a netizen as if to prompt anyone who knows how Syed got the hickey to spill the beans.

While another netizen is asking Syed to share his love life story as the minister is always mum about it.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

A Twitter user asked if @surbhimohan was jealous about the hickey on Syed’s neck, to which @surbhimohan replied that she was merely calling “a hoe out”. It is all for good banter, of course.

To prove that it is not an uneven skin pigment or a birthmark, here are a few pictures of Syed with a hickey-free neck.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, another Twitter user said that the hickey was not given at Kajang yesterday (Feb 16) which was where the nomination of the Semenyih by-election took place. The netizen was connecting the Valentine’s Day post to the recent furore surrounding Syed who was assaulted by Barisan Nasional supporters, particularly Umno blogger Papagomo.

According to FMT, Syed had lodged a police report against the blogger whose real name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris. The 26-year-old Muar MP said that Papagomo hurt his back and tried to intimidate him.

“I don’t know what Papagomo’s intention was when he suddenly grabbed the back of my neck really hard when I and my three friends were leaving the nomination centre for the Semenyih by-election.”

Ooof, neck again.

“He (Papagomo) tried to intimidate me by telling me to stay out and never come back (to the centre).

“I could not do anything and just walk away while being helped by several policemen and PAS’ Unit Amal (Welfare Unit) members who blocked Papagomo and dispersed the opposition supporters,” Syed told the reporters yesterday.

Taking to Twitter after the incident, he thanked the authorities and Unit Amal for protecting him. He said it is the people’s rights to call him babi, bangsat and hancing but “but to the extent of resorting to physical attacks, that’s too much!”

Hours ago, Utusan Online reported that Papagomo has been arrested by the Kajang police department over his alleged assault on Syed.

You can watch the video of the incident next page.

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