M’sian Monk Nabbed For Oral Sex Involving Boys in His Class

Being a monk means one has to practice religious asceticism, to possess high self-discipline and abstain oneself from any form of indulgence − be it sex, alcohol or food. It is a noble way of living but this monk in Johor has abused his position and preyed on teens for sexual gratification.

According to Sin Chew, a 54-year-old monk was arrested after two boys, aged 15 and 16, filed police reports against him for sexually assaulting them. The boys alleged that the monk asked them to stay back after Buddhist classes where he would perform oral sex on them secretly.

Source: China Press

He was arrested in a temple in Bukit Pelandok, Negeri Sembilan early yesterday (Jan 16) morning. The Star reported the police as saying that there is a possibility of more unreported victims.

The reports came after the boys could no longer stand his abuses and decided to report him. One of the boys was accompanied by his parents to the police station on Jan 14 to give his statement on how the sexual assault took place.

The Chinese daily reported that the monk told the boy to stay back after a Buddhist class conducted by him on Jan 5. The victim was left in class and waited until the other students had left. The suspect then called the victim into his bedroom to lie on a bed. The suspect proceeded to take off the victim’s pants and performed oral sex on the boy.

Source: Star TV

The second victim said he was assaulted the same way in December 2018. It is learned that the monk also assaulted victims in Kuala Lumpur and Kluang, Johor other than in Segamat. The Star reported that some of the abuse cases trace all the way back to at least three years ago.

“The suspect will be remanded for five days until Sunday,” said Segamat OCPD Supt Raub Selamat, confirming the arrest.

“Based on an early investigation, we found that the suspect has several criminal records related to sexual offences.”

Supt Raub said that the case is being investigated under Section 14(a) of the Sexual Offence Against Children Act 2017.

Source: Sin Chew

However, China Press reported that the monk was once charged in 2010 under section 377D of Malaysian Penal Code that deals with outrage of decency. A Kluang police district officer said they could not identify if he was convicted then due to the large year gap.

He was also once investigated in a case happened in Kuala Lumpur under Section 377E of the Penal Code in regards to inciting a child to an act of gross indecency.

A reader of China Press told the daily that the victim of the 2010 Kluang incident was his friend’s child. When he and some friends wanted to expose the suspect’s behaviour, he was accused by many followers that it was a slander. The exposé later turned south as some accused him of blackmailing the monk.

He pointed out that the victim’s parents later went to report the case and the suspect was also brought to court. But due to insufficient evidence, the monk was not convicted.

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