M’sian Teen Arrested in Busan For RM120k Voice-phishing Scam With M’sian Syndicate

There are rampant scams with creative and ever-new tactics going about in Malaysia but we would have never thought that some Malaysians have brought such criminal acts to South Korea to swindle innocent people’s money.

According to The Korean Herald, an 18-year-old Malaysian had been arrested by the South Korean police over his suspected involvement in voice-phishing scams targeting local residents today (Oct 29).

The teen suspect allegedly stole 32.8 million won (RM120k) from two victims in Dongnae, Busan, and Dalseo, Daegu. He was arrested while he was in his hotel room in Busan.

Source: The Star

A voice-phishing is a form of criminal phone fraud which the suspects would generally pose as a relevant personnel or authority and call unsuspecting victims to give them money. It’s reported that the teen swindled the sizeable amount of money on two occasions (Oct 11 and 15) from the victims because they believed they were paying for parcels.

When brought into question, the teen suspect revealed that he came into South Korea to join a group of Malaysian-Chinese men on a parcel-delivery scam. The local police were able to hunt him down after checking CCTV cameras near the pickup area.

The money couldn’t be retrieved as the teen had already transferred it to the ringleader of the scam.

Last year, The Korean Herald also reported a case where a Malaysian man in his 30s was arrested over a voice-phishing scam as well.

The Malaysian man posed as a police detective and told an elderly man from Ulsan that his personal information had been compromised on June 29, 2017. The victim in his 80s was told to withdraw his money from the bank and kept it in his house, as well as changing his front door password to a new one.

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