M’sians Spend Nearly 3 Hours a Day on Social Media, Ranks Top 5 in Penetration Globally

Who would have thought Malaysians are so glued to their smartphones and it could put us on the top of charts.

According to the latest Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, Malaysia won the fifth place for penetration in mobile social media, outranking our Southeast Asia counterparts such as Singapore (sixth place), Thailand (eighth) and the Philippines (tenth), FMT reported.

Source: Entrepreneur

The study states that Malaysians averagely spend eight hours and five minutes online and has an 80% internet penetration rate.

“A healthy portion of this time, two hours and 58 minutes is attributed to social media consumption,” said Hootsuite and We Are Social in a joint statement.

The global average time spent on social media is two hours and 16 minutes, we spend 42 minutes more than most people in the world. 42 minutes is a long time!

Malaysia is on the 15th spot. Source: We Are Social

The two companies claim that such strong digital landscape presents a unique opportunity for businesses as 75% of internet users have spent their money on e-commerce before, with 58% spending through mobile commerce platforms.

We are also highlighted in the report for edging out Singapore in mobile banking as 66% Malaysians adopted e-banking while Singapore recorded 2% lower. But our closest neighbour is a better user in ride-hailing apps.

“Ride hailing applications also proved to be highly popular in Malaysia, 48% of internet users used such an app, the third highest globally behind Singapore and Indonesia.”

We are amongst the highest e-hailing users in the world?

Malaysia is on the ninth spot. Source: We Are Social

In Bandt‘s summary of the report, the Philippines remains the heaviest social media users in the world, spending over four hours a day, while Japan users only spend 36 minutes a day.

China social app Tik Tok peaks above Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. It now has more active users than the three aforementioned old-timers.

About 60% of the world population have access to the internet. The number now stands at 4.39 billion, an up from 4.02 billion in 2018. As for social media, 45% of the people in the world use it, which is about 3.5 billion people, an increase of 3%. More than five billion people in the world own a mobile phone.

Hootsuite and We Are Social conducted the digital report by delving into data from across more than 230 countries and territories. It is the eighth annual report. The companies provide social media tools and marketing services to brands.

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