M’sians Stuck on Ferry Offer Food to Muslims to Break Fast, Almost Moving Them to Tears

Now, here is a story that shows how truly united we are as Malaysians!

During the Buka Puasa time on the second day of Ramadan (May 7), a group of Islam-faith Malaysians were offered chocolates, KFC meals and among other food in a ferry when their ride to Terminal Feri Kuala Kedah was delayed.

Muhammad Nasir Abdul Kadir who received overwhelming kindness from other Chinese passengers posted the encounter on Facebook and it has gone viral with over 4,800 shares.

Nasir said he boarded the ferry from Langkawi and amidst the journey, the ferry had to turn back as it had encountered some malfunction. In an interview with mStar, he related that the ride was supposed to reach Kuala Kedah at 6.30pm which was why he did not prepare food in advance as there would be ample time to reach home to break fast.

“But, during the ride at about 6pm, we were told that the ferry was facing some technical difficulty. Once we headed back to Terminal Feri Kuah (Langkawi), it was already 7pm and we had to rush to another ferry en route to Kuala Kedah, as it was departing soon,” said Nasir.

Presumably, it is this redshirt woman standing here that Nasir was referring to. Source: Facebook | Nasx Seth

On the second ride, and as the clock ticked passed the Buka Puasa time, the Muslim passengers were greeted with kindness from other Malaysians. Nasir said a Chinese aunty suddenly started distributing food to those who had been fasting the whole day.

“Out of nowhere, a Chinese aunty gave out all her chocolates to the Malays in the ferry as she explained that we have to eat because we had been fasting all day.

“After that, another Chinese man behind me gave me food from KFC. He said I have to eat because I was fasting. He said if I didn’t want the food, I could give it to others. I almost came to tears,” he wrote.

Prior to that, 30-year-old Nasir and his family, mother, wife, and a child, broke their fast by sipping on some drinks sold in the ferry. The ferry did not have enough drinks to serve all the Muslim passengers, thus Nasir only bought two tins of drinks to share among his five members of the family.

Nasir said the Chinese aunty told him that it is not enough to just drink and gave him a packet of chocolates.

“At first, she opened a packet of chocolates and gave it to us and a few other passengers. Moments later, she distributed to all passengers at the back of the ferry,” Nasir told mStar.

“She rushed back to her seat later and brought out more chocolates from a plastic. And the chocolates are not from cheap brands.

“She walked to every row and gave out all the chocolates until she had none left.” It must be souvenirs the aunty bought from her trip. It was Langkawi after all where the products there are tax-free.

Source: mStar

Nasir said it was an experience he would never forget. In the viral post, he concluded by saying that the Chinese community are not racist.

“Whoever said that the Chinese are racist would get a beating from me on the forehead.

“Racism is an individual act and has nothing to do with the race as a whole.”

Source: mStar

He said it was a sweet encounter and he felt like all the passengers on the ferry were like a family despite the differences in race and religion.

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