Multiple Claims Said Dr M Will Be Removed as Prime Minister, Here’s What You Need to Know

6. Blogger also warns about an imminent coup

Source: NST

Citing to “sources”, social activist Mujahidin Zulkiffli said he first heard about a coup against the premier a few weeks ago.

Zulkiffli said Dr Mahathir has yet to serve one year after GE14 but there are individuals tried to oust him at least twice.

Without giving names, he said a former Umno minister tried to remove Dr Mahathir by organising support “for a certain future PM of Malaysia” before getting stopped by another ex Umno minister.

“So now, another vote of no confidence is in the planning. The old man then checks this plan by bringing 7 Umno defectors into his party. Remember, there are about 30 more ready to jump ship.

“Not just that, in the craziness of PAS having to defend some lie and corruption, he got Hadi and another 2 top PAS guy to meet him and they signed an agreement to support the old man’s leadership in case of a vote of no confidence.

“This simply proves that my sources were not just telling me mere rumours. Why would the old man make such unpopular move to meet PAS leaders? This has to be big,” claimed Zulkiffli who stated on Facebook that he is the managing director of New Malaysia Times.

He said the move to accept Umno defectors into a PPBM is a sounding strategy for Dr Mahathir to shield himself from possible backstabbing.

If Zulkiffli was in Dr Mahathir’s shoes, he said he would do the same too in order to defend his position.

“And worse, I think he (Dr Mahathir) now has the numbers to turn the table completely around if that vote of no-confidence is brought up in Parliament.

“I hope no one is stupid enough to try it. You can make him a villain but you’re actually the cause of it.”

The Star reported Zulkiffli’s claim on its online portal too. You can read his full post here:

7. Do the maths, PAS backing Dr M is like an “insurance” protection

In an opinion piece published on Malay Mail, Praba Ganesan wrote that if PKR and Umno were to vote for a no-confidence against Dr Mahathir, the two parties would acquire 90 votes.

112 is the magic number here. According to the piece, Dr Mahathir has 111 MPs backing him if PAS was not in the picture − definitely not enough to secure a majority. In the calculation, PH has 75 votes from PPBM (22), DAP (42) and Amanah (11). Add that up with the 29 MPs support from Borneo friends and seven from independent parties, it is only 111. The number would be very different if DAP were not on the same page.

PAS is deemed as a good “insurance” plan to gain stronger bargaining power in the House if PKR were to turn against Dr Mahathir.

8. Banner of pro-Anwar, anti-Mahathir went up in KL

Yesterday (Feb 20), banners that read “Mahathir letak jawatan! Anwar Ibrahim PM ke-8. Demi Selamatkan Malaysia” (Resign, Mahathir! Anwar Ibrahim is the 8th PM. To save Malaysia) were put up along MRR2 highway and Jalan Bangsar.

PKR communications chief Fahmi Fadzil accused that the banners are the work of the opposition, Malay Mail reported. The party has lodged a police report and requested PKR members to remove them.

9. Anwar, Mat Sabu, Guan Eng… all deny the coup

Datuk Seri Anwar said the motive behind PAS to proliferate the claim is to cover up the furore of the RM90 million fund the Islamic party received from Umno.

Anwar added the alleged coup did not come up in discussion between him and Dr Mahathir and described it as a “non-issue”, Strait Times reported.

As for Amanah party leader, Mohammad Sabu said, “It should be stressed that there is no issue of no-confidence vote against Dr Mahathir and this is merely an effort to destabilise and divert the focus of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government from working hard to ensure the wellbeing of the people.

“Amanah and other PH component parties will always throw our support behind the leadership of Dr Mahathir in a bid to completely reform and improve the country’s governance.”

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng commented similarly, adding that Takiyuddin should provide proof to the claim.

“If he fails to do so, clearly he is not responsible, amoral, and only played a ruse to avoid the actual issue, namely, narrow politics, lies and creating libels merely to shift attention from the financial scandal of the PAS leaders,” Lim said in a statement on Monday.

10. Dr M: I will wait and see

Source: The Star

According to Malaysiakini, The 93-year-old premier said he would like to see if PAS would support him if the event of a vote of no confidence ever come up.

“I will wait and see if there is a vote of no-confidence.

“I will see if PAS will support me or not,” Dr Mahathir replied when reporters asked the premier to comment about PAS’ pledge to support him today (Feb 21).


The Second Term of the 14th Parliament Session will begin on March 11 and it will be opened by the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah.

Let’s hope such a coup will not happen as it would shine a bad light on our democratic system especially since the rakyat has specifically voted for leaders in accordance with their political stance.

This vote of no confidence betrays the rakyat’s trust and Dr Mahathir has pledged to step down after governing for at least two years. The transition of power should be done peacefully within the ruling coalition but not through a motion in Parliament. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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